Russell Grant Horoscopes for September 28 2018

Aries Horoscope for September 28 2018: Beware of forming a relationship for selfish reasons. Opportunistic behaviour will damage your reputation. If you truly like someone's company, feel free to become friends. When there isn't any chemistry between you and a newcomer, keep them at arm's length. Be polite but formal. You'll be asked to take the helm of a moneymaking project. Acting as a mentor to the team will be effective. The staff is yearning for someone to show them how to use their individual talents to best advantage. Take this role seriously.

Taurus Horoscope for September 28 2018: Don't go overboard to accommodate your loved ones. Lately, you've been doing lots of errands for others. You've become tired and distracted as a result. It's time to put your own needs first. Pamper yourself with indulgences like a new fragrance or a gourmet meal. A religious, cultural or educational experience will change your outlook. Be open to learning different ways of viewing the world. Just because you were raised to hold certain beliefs doesn't mean you must maintain them. Build a belief system that makes sense for you.

Gemini Horoscope for September 28 2018: Keep sugar, fat and alcohol to a minimum. These ingredients can sap your energy. Choose a healthy diet instead. Fresh produce, lean proteins and sparkling water will boost your energy. Instead of struggling to finish chores, you'll complete them in record time. A passionate relationship makes you feel like you're walking on air. Although it may not make sense to fall in love now, you should do it anyway. Do you already have a partner? Sneak off to a private hideaway with your amour.

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Cancer Horoscope for September 28 2018: You've been having a wonderful time, but you must return to work. Resist the temptation to extend a break. People depend on you to do your job. Neglecting these responsibilities will inconvenience them. The last thing you need is to turn allies into enemies. Joining forces with a reliable professional will be rewarding. You'll learn a great deal from someone who knows how to negotiate deals that please all parties. Watch, listen and learn. The skills you acquire from this alliance will serve you well, both personally and professionally.

Leo Horoscope for September 28 2018: Finding a comfortable living situation will be challenging. Rather than insisting on moving to a certain area, keep an open mind. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be to find a home that is beautiful and comfortable. Let go of your demands. If you've been looking for a job, you'll be offered a steady position at a prominent company. Although this position won't be exciting, it will allow you to build a nest egg. Use this money to create a beautiful home.

Virgo Horoscope for September 28 2018: Flattery will get you nowhere. If someone asks for your opinion, be honest. You're famous for having wonderful taste. Pretending to like something tacky will undermine your reputation. Make the best of a bad situation. Give a few constructive criticisms and then change the subject. Your enormous creativity will lead to a travel or educational opportunity. Don't be surprised when you're invited on a trip or asked to take a course. Seize this opportunity with gratitude; it will have a transformative effect.

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Libra Horoscope for September 28 2018: Money won't buy happiness. If you feel blue, make some changes. Devote more time to the activities you love. Listening to music, creating designs and decorating rooms are activities that appeal to your artistic sensibilities. Thankless tasks should be relegated to relatives, roommates and colleagues. Your emotional maturity makes you a popular figure. People know they can depend on you to handle challenging situations. Don't be surprised when a relative confides a secret. Your insight to this situation will be greatly appreciated.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 28 2018: Constantly commanding the spotlight is hurting an intimate relationship. Take this opportunity to draw attention to your best friend or romantic partner. By praising their accomplishments in a public forum, they'll be able to enjoy some well-deserved fame and acclaim. A strong intellectual curiosity will prompt you to take a course. Under the guidance of a talented teacher, you'll gain mastery of a helpful subject. With this knowledge under your belt, you'll land a job that is both lucrative and stimulating.

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 28 2018: Don't fall for a sob story. Someone who doesn't want to take responsibility for their bad behaviour will ask for help. Loaning them money or doing them a favour will backfire. You'll be forced to clean up the mess they'll inevitably create. Sharing resources with others will benefit you. Joining an investment group is strongly advised. Not only will your personal wealth grow, but you'll also meet some very nice people. You'll learn some valuable lessons from these practical compatriots.

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Capricorn Horoscope for September 28 2018: A group effort is the source of lots of frustration. Everybody is kind and polite towards each other, but nobody is willing to assume leadership. Taking the helm of this organisation will helped a stalled project to move forward. Be bossy if you must. Your magnetism is at an all-time high. Don't be surprised when someone who was once indifferent to your charm becomes your biggest fan. If you're single, this could be the beginning of a passionate romance.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 28 2018: Being all style while having no substance is a losing proposition. If you want to make a good impression, learn as much as you can about a subject. Working as an intern will help you gain valuable experience. Learn an industry from the ground up. Have faith that everything will work to your advantage. Finding a new place to live will be easy if you stop trying to control the process. Let intuition be your guide. You'll stumble across a place that's perfect for your needs.

Pisces Horoscope for September 28 2018: It's difficult to find a position that is in keeping with your level of education and experience. Instead of becoming even more intent on landing a job in your desired field, widen your scope. Changing industries will help you discover hidden talents. Working with a group of accomplished people will cause your own star to rise. Members of the team will admire your creative ability and promote your work. You could be given a lucrative freelance assignment because of a good contact.

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