Russell Grant Horoscopes for August 23 2019

Aries Horoscope for August 23 2019: Your health gets a big boost from spending more time outdoors. Even taking a brisk walk each day can give you more energy. If you work in a toxic environment, it's time to find a new job. Opportunities involving education, journalism and research are promising. Adopting a pet is a strong possibility. Taking care of a creature who needs love and affection will bring out the best in you. Friends will be delighted to see this sweet side emerge.

Taurus Horoscope for August 23 2019: Your creative achievements are being celebrated. Don't be surprised if you sell your work for a handsome profit. Use the money you have earned for a luxurious holiday. Visiting a beautiful beach or glittering metropolis will be lots of fun. A child is showing great progress at school. Give them a reward for their hard work. Withholding affection might yield short-term results, but it also cultivates long-term resentment. Praise is the greatest motivating force of all. Try it and see.

Gemini Horoscope for August 23 2019: You understand how a youngster feels. Do what you can to encourage their interests and make them feel valued. Pay for their lessons and spend quality time together. This can offset some of the hurtful behaviour displayed by other adults in their life. Your home life is a source of great happiness. Take this opportunity to stock the pantry, prepare some comfort food or redecorate a drab room. The more comfortable your surroundings, the happier you will be.

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Cancer Horoscope for August 23 2019: Fill in the gaps to your knowledge. You'll enjoy taking a beginner's class. Instead of feeling self-conscious about any lack of knowledge or know how, you'll feel proud of your initiative. A fellow traveller on the road of learning will make a big hit with you. You're destined to become fast friends. Most of the time, you take comfort from ties that bind. Right now, you crave your freedom. Taking a short trip for pleasure will make your spirits soar. It will feel like you've been let out of a cage.

Leo Horoscope for August 23 2019: Abandon yourself to pleasure. Working around the clock will result in burnout. The time has come to step away from your responsibilities and have some fun. Take a break, splash out on luxury purchases and spend the day doing things that you love. Someone will try to make you upset about current events. Exhibiting grace under fire will earn the public's admiration. They appreciate your refusal to be controlled by events. Your contentment comes from a place of inner calm that can never be disturbed.

Virgo Horoscope for August 23 2019: Your star power is evident to everyone. This is the best time of the entire year to promote your agenda. Pursue your dream job, win someone's heart or start a business. You will be successful. You are talented, worthy and fabulous. Never forget it. Your appetite for life cannot be quenched. Feed it the things you love best. Books, music, painting and sports bring you great joy. Take time out of your busy schedule to indulge in these delights.

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Libra Horoscope for August 23 2019: Working behind the scenes is restful. It feels good to be out of the spotlight, attending to small tasks that need to be dispatched. Pay careful attention to details. By doing things perfectly the first time, you'll save your employer time, money and aggravation. You're able to blend in with any crowd. This ability to take on the appearance of team members allows you discover information that is hidden from outsiders. Use this knowledge to promote your personal and professional interests.

Scorpio Horoscope for August 23 2019: It's a great time to raise money for a worthy cause. Your passionate presentation will move people to open their wallets. Shining light into the dark corners of the world is uplifting. The more you do it, the more hopeful you become. You have many exciting choices. Pick the path that fills you with excitement. Friends will be surprised by your decision. They don't understand your desire to try something totally new. You want to expand your horizons, not go over the same old ground.

Sagittarius Horoscope for August 23 2019: You have a chance to land your dream job. Don't hesitate to apply for positions that fill you with excitement. It doesn't matter if you have experience. You'll make such a good impression on the interview that you'll be offered the job on the spot. Don't fear getting older. There's something wonderfully liberating about gaining experience. Things that were once terribly important will become irrelevant. It will be easier to risk public disapproval. Listening to your instincts will become the guiding force in your life.

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Capricorn Horoscope for August 23 2019: Expand your intellect horizons whenever and wherever possible. It doesn't matter if you work towards an advanced degree, participate in a trivia night or learn a foreign language. Exercising your brain is empowering. Don't worry if you had trouble at school. Studying what you love is different. Staying in motion brings out the best in you. Your mind and body are powerfully connected. The best ideas come when you maintain a regular exercise routine. When you experience a mental block, take a brisk walk.

Aquarius Horoscope for August 23 2019: Satisfying your sensual desires is your priority. Schedule a spa treatment. Enjoy a gourmet meal. Splash out on new clothes and accessories. Wake up early to listen to birdsong. If you're in love, spend the whole day in bed with your amour. Uncovering a mystery is lots of fun. You know exactly what questions to ask and what sources to seek out to get answers. People who have been trying to solve this quandary for years will be astonished by your success.

Pisces Horoscope for August 23 2019: Take pride in your best friend or romantic partner. Their hard work is paying off. Take them out for a celebratory dinner. One of the nicest things about you is your ability to be genuinely happy for other people's success. You're a good team player. Instead of letting emotions enter negotiations, you stick to the facts. This allows you to promote a plan that benefits the greatest amount of people, rather than favours your friends. Don't let anyone twist your arm.

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