Russell Grant Horoscopes for July 24 2019

Aries Horoscope for July 24 2019: You're highly irritable. Beware of losing your temper with those you live or work with. If you let your emotions spiral out of control in their presence, you won't be given the assignments you want. Be calm in the face of disappointment. Breathe deep when you're insulted. Resist the temptation to make crude jokes. If you appear unpolished and rude, you'll never be invited to a professional gathering again. This would really hinder your career. When you can't say anything nice, simply smile politely.

Taurus Horoscope for July 24 2019: You're extremely lonely. When you want companionship, focus on being your own best friend. Spend time on activities you love. Celebrate your progress towards your goals. Give yourself gifts regularly. Others will follow your example. People always admire those who treat themselves well. Don't place too much emphasis on a potential partner's bank balance. They deserve to be courted for who they are, not for what they can buy. If you want money, you can earn your own.

Gemini Horoscope for July 24 2019: You've lost sight of your feelings. That's what happens when you are never alone. Take this opportunity to head off to a private hideaway where you can hear yourself think. Your confusion will lift. Instead of looking to others for guidance, you'll trust your instincts. You're fickle when it comes to love. Someone who once seemed utterly captivating holds no interest any longer. You must develop a more mature attitude towards love if you're going to have a successful relationship.

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Cancer Horoscope for July 24 2019: If there's anything you hate, it's being ignored. Resist the temptation to create a scene. This is a poor way to get attention. Instead, set a goal and pour all your energy into achieving it. People will become intrigued by your intense focus. Sulking will drive romantic opportunity from your door, too. If you're going to find the love you desire, you must demonstrate a cheerful disposition. When forced to deal with a difficult situation, try seeing the humorous side to it.

Leo Horoscope for July 24 2019: A narrow minded attitude will drive opportunity from your door. When you meet a person that sees life differently, don't try to convert them to your point of view. Instead, ask questions about their outlook. Try seeing the world from their perspective. Beware of a tendency towards snobbishness. Just because someone comes from a modest background does not mean they are stupid. There's a good chance this colleague knows a great deal more than you. Put your assumptions aside and see what they can do.

Virgo Horoscope for July 24 2019: Don't get carried away by your sensual desires. Getting involved in a physical relationship without any love will be a mistake. Although you'll have fun at first, guilt will begin to overwhelm you. That's because your partner will develop deep feelings that you don't return. Being too demanding of a service worker will make you seem mean and petty. If you're not happy with the job they have done, keep it to yourself. Your restraint will make a good impression on someone who is secretly watching you.

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Libra Horoscope for July 24 2019: Don't seek emotional fulfilment through relationships. You can be happy on your own. The key is to love yourself unconditionally. Replace all criticism with loving acceptance. When you're gentle towards yourself, you will reach heights you've never dreamed possible. Your self-esteem will also soar. If there's anything you hate, it's conflict. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable. Be ready to challenge someone whose unfair behaviour is making everyone miserable. When a tolerant person like you objects to a person's actions, it means they should be corrected.

Scorpio Horoscope for July 24 2019: It will be impossible to find a good new job if you keep criticising your present circumstance. If you have a position that makes you unhappy, make a list of its positive aspects each day. This will make you more attractive to a generous employer. Don't use your allure to manipulate others. Just because you're able to twist someone around your little finger doesn't mean you should do it. If you want a favour, be direct. Resist the urge to pout when your request is refused.

Sagittarius Horoscope for July 24 2019: An impulsive move will result in a loss. It's better to play it safe. If you have a crush on someone, keep it to yourself. When you want to win money, do not gamble. The odds are stacked against you. Imposing your moral standards on those who don't share them will cause resentment. Principles are only meaningful if they are voluntarily held. Be willing to agree to disagree with people from a different culture. They'll appreciate your consideration.

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Capricorn Horoscope for July 24 2019: You're dissatisfied with your home life. Rather than relocating, explore ways to make your current living situation more pleasant. This could include redecorating unpleasant areas, landscaping the yard or rearranging the rooms. Ask a tasteful Libra for advice; they'll be happy to help you. Getting involved with someone because of their money is a mistake. You don't want to be branded an opportunist. If you're going to fall in love, let it be with someone who genuinely delights you.

Aquarius Horoscope for July 24 2019: Beware of letting bias affect a decision. Although you like someone very much, they aren't the best person for a job. Find someone who has a long track record of doing such work successfully. This will save lots of time, money and aggravation. When it comes to romance, you play hot and cold. One minute, you are totally obsessed by the object of your affection. The next, you are completely indifferent to their charm. Try to be more consistent, if only out of consideration for them.

Pisces Horoscope for July 24 2019: Putting too much emphasis on material matters makes you miserable. When you start to worry about money, count your blessings. Aligning your focus with what you have, rather than what you lack, will make you more attractive to prosperity in all forms. Be discriminating when it comes to love. Giving your affection away to an unworthy person is a terrible waste. Look for someone who is honest, noble and kind. You've had your fill of wild rebels; leave them behind.

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