Russell Grant Horoscopes for March 9 2019

Aries Horoscope for March 9 2019: Financial independence is your priority. Retiring early or running your own business is possible when you have faith in your own abilities. Stop comparing yourself to rivals and cultivate your own strengths instead. Give yourself credit for listening to your heart's desire. Before promoting a bold idea, develop it in secret. The last thing you want is for a well-intentioned critic to discourage you. By listening to your instincts and working hard, you'll put together a presentation that gets an enthusiastic response.

Taurus Horoscope for March 9 2019: Obey an impulse to spend time alone. Developing a good idea takes patience. The last thing you want is to overload your schedule with mundane tasks. Take a break, plan a trip to a secluded hideaway and let yourself dream. A marvellous concept will take flower. Be rightfully proud of your accomplishments. Despite enormous pressure to conform to some arbitrary standard, you insisted on going your way. The result has put you on the path to abundance. Keep up the good work.

Gemini Horoscope for March 9 2019: You're managing big changes wonderfully. Give yourself credit for being flexible. When you adopt an attitude of excited anticipation, things work to your advantage. Fear is only a negative expectation; you should try choosing cultivating hope instead. At the very least, you'll avoid anxiety. Knowing what people want helps you get ahead in the professional realm. Be willing to challenge a leader's flawed assumptions. Back up your claims with reliable facts and figures. It will be virtually impossible to argue with your logic.

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Cancer Horoscope for March 9 2019: Making ethical changes keeps you out of harm's way. Cynics insist that cutting corners is the only way to get ahead in life. They couldn't be more wrong. Be honest when you're pressured to lie. Own up to your mistakes. Challenge bullies. People expect you to solve their problems. Although their faith in your abilities is flattering, it creates a great deal of work for you. Unless you want to devote most of your time to their dilemmas, you should encourage them to find their own solutions.

Leo Horoscope for March 9 2019: Appreciating those who serve you will cause even more help to arrive. Be generous with tips, praise and referrals. When someone falls short of your expectations, compliment their attempts. Put criticism on hold for the entire day. The results will delight you. A passion packed encounter makes you feel like you're walking on air. Whether you're snuggled up in your lover's arms, working with an inspiring colleague or serving an appreciative customer, stay in this zone for as long as possible.

Virgo Horoscope for March 9 2019: Aligning yourself with a partner who is emotionally mature is important. You're tired of dealing with wild romantic rebels and thoughtless business associates. Seek someone who shares your love of stability, reliability and loyalty. Contrary to expectation, this union will be filled with delightful surprises. Your way with words is pleasing. An opportunity to publish a book, record a song or broadcast a poem will fall in your lap. Instead of doubting the brilliance of your work, celebrate it.

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Libra Horoscope for March 9 2019: Take responsibility for your feelings. Nobody can make you feel bad without your permission. When you are consumed with sadness, fear or anger, reach for a more uplifting emotion. Practicing this level of self-care will act like a magnet to love, luck and money. An enjoyable work experience is on the way. You'll have fun bringing life to promising ideas. Helping customers articulate what they want will earn you their eternal appreciation. It's time to get paid for your natural ability to turn thoughts into actions.

Scorpio Horoscope for March 9 2019: Take your impulses seriously. Stop telling yourself this isn't a good time to take a break, fall in love or begin an art project. When you do what you love, it becomes much easier to solve problems. People will treat you better and you'll rejoice. A trip for pleasure will give you a new lease on life. Head for a part of the world that makes you feel spiritually uplifted. It doesn't matter if it's a metropolis, countryside or holiday resort. This excursion will be healing.

Sagittarius Horoscope for March 9 2019: A property venture will put more money in your bank account. If you get a good offer, take it. Don't convince yourself that even better bids will arrive. Simply accept this price with a grateful heart. Use the earnings to buy something fabulous. Spending time on domestic pursuits will be grounding. If you're feeling nervous about the future, make a pot of soup. Bake a loaf of bread. Clean the bathroom or stock the pantry. Your anxiety will be replaced by contentment.

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Capricorn Horoscope for March 9 2019: Apply yourself to an important task with purpose and dedication. Rather than trying to juggle several jobs at once, give this particular task your full attention. Once it's complete, you'll attract the sorts of work that feels more like play. Working with a group will be more rewarding than expected. You'll enjoy brainstorming with people who want to make your community a nicer place to live. Some suggestions will sound absurd at first. Give them a chance to sink in before rejecting these ideas altogether.

Aquarius Horoscope for March 9 2019: Careful planning can help you cultivate a fortune. Automatically diverting a portion of each paycheque into savings, finding a more lucrative line of work or getting better value for your money are all good possibilities to explore. Do some research and make mindful decisions. You'll say something to a creative person that inspires a moneymaking idea. Your vision, combined with their flexibility, makes a great combination. Be willing to suspend your reservations and enter a business partnership.

Pisces Horoscope for March 9 2019: Dependable friends are willing to help you. Don't let pride get in the way of accepting assistance. Whether you want a job, relationship or creative opportunity, a well-connected associate will come to your rescue. Be clear about what you want. Your charm, wit and courage attracts lots of admirers. Don't hesitate to ask these people for help. Someone who knows how to showcase your ability in the most effective way will leap at the chance to lend you a hand. Let them.

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