Russell Grant Horoscopes for November 11 2019

Aries Horoscope for November 11 2019: Don't dwell too much on a loss. The Universe is poised to shower you with love, money and creative opportunities. The less you concentrate on what you no longer have, the easier it will be to let abundance flow into your life. Your best friend or romantic partner will entrust you with a secret. Don't share this information with anyone else. By proving you can keep silent, you'll strengthen your bond. It helps that you don't heap others with judgement or shame.

Taurus Horoscope for November 11 2019: Before embarking on a relationship, take some time to assess your needs. It's not fair to expect anyone to complete you. The happiest affairs occur when each party is content with themselves. Making more time for music, beauty and luxury will be uplifting. Working with the public will be rewarding. People respond well to your calm attitude. When faced with problems, you patiently work to find a solution instead of flying off the handle. This quality is worth its weight in gold.

Gemini Horoscope for November 11 2019: It's important to attend to your emotional and physical health. If you've been burning the candle at both ends, scale back your schedule. Stop working overtime. Don't feel pressured to accept every invitation. Quiet, solitary activities will restore your equilibrium. There's a chance an employment agency will contact you about an intriguing job. Although you weren't looking for a new work opportunity, this one will be tempting. It will be both emotionally and financially rewarding to get paid for exercising your intellect.

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Cancer Horoscope for November 11 2019: You gravitate to power positions. Although you're quiet, you have considerable leadership ability. Take this opportunity to apply for a new job with more responsibility in a creative industry. You'll be a natural fit for this work. Discuss your achievements. If you don't promote yourself, nobody else will. A flirtatious conversation will lead to a passionate encounter. It feels wonderful to be the object of desire. Having an outlet for your romantic impulses will fuel your imagination. When you're not with your amour, you should be working on an engrossing art project.

Leo Horoscope for November 11 2019: Having a comfortable home base is strongly advised. If you don't own a place, it's time to explore the possibility. Talk to an estate agent about your best prospects. You will be happily surprised to discover what you can afford. Are you content with your living situation? Think about throwing a party. Bringing all your loved ones together will satisfy your sentimental side. Make the guest list varied. Some new friendships will be formed. There's even a chance that love will blossom at this gathering.

Virgo Horoscope for November 11 2019: You're willing to experiment. Carrying out the same routine has dulled your creative edge. Venturing into unfamiliar territory will be stimulating. This can involve anything from taking a course to joining a club to exploring a nearby neighbourhood. Ask an adventurous friend to accompany you. A complicated deal will involve lots of calls, emails and texts. Just when you think you have one aspect of the deal secured, a new proposal is made. Be patient and stay focused on your goal.

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Libra Horoscope for November 11 2019: Do you want to increase your income? This is a good opportunity to do so. Ask for a raise, boost your fees or seek a lucrative job. Knowing how much the market pays for your work will improve your negotiating skills. When you know what you're worth, your confidence soars. If your current line of work is drying up, it's time to acquire new skills. Learning how to operate hi-tech equipment or the latest software programme will greatly increase your value to the job market.

Scorpio Horoscope for November 11 2019: You're a self-starter. Instead of waiting for golden opportunities, you make them. Working on a potential packed professional project, auditioning for a role or launching a website are good avenues for you to explore. You know how to display your creative work to best effect. A relative or neighbour will offer to teach you a valuable skill or make an important introduction. Accept their help. Don't worry; you'll soon have an opportunity to return the favour. Learning how to accept assistance is an important life lesson for you.

Sagittarius Horoscope for November 11 2019: The harshness of life is weighing heavily on you. Delve into a world of pure imagination. Indulging your love of music, books or movies will be a welcome change from horrific news stories. If you're inspired to make your own art, that's even better. This is a good time to deal with bureaucratic matters. If an official cannot give you the approval you want, politely ask to speak to their supervisor. The more courteous you are, the easier it will be to reach your goal.

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Capricorn Horoscope for November 11 2019: An unusual image gets you noticed. Obey an impulse to change your hairstyle, add fashionable items to your wardrobe, embark on a pound-shedding diet or change your name. Any move that captures the public's imagination and your enthusiasm is worth considering. Set yourself apart from the crowd. Joining a professional group will work to your advantage. You'll get some helpful inside information as the result of this information. Knowing when good jobs will become available gives you an edge over the competition. Keep your CV updated.

Aquarius Horoscope for November 11 2019: Landing the job you want is your priority. If you must get an advanced degree, work as an apprentice or accept an entry level position to get experience, so be it. Outsiders will think you're wasting your time on a dream that won't come true. Get into the habit of promoting your abilities. Working with someone who has lots of experiencing hiring staff will be helpful. They'll give you great advice on the best way to present yourself. Listen carefully to their suggestions.

Pisces Horoscope for November 11 2019: You're concerned with fair play. When you see an injustice, you will speak up. Getting labelled a troublemaker doesn't bother you in the slightest. That's because you know an unjust system will eventually work against you. Besides, you don't really care what the authorities think. If you want to gain admittance to university, this is a wonderful time to apply. Alternatively, you could be asked to join an educational or cultural institution. You'll fit right in with this stimulating group.

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