Russell Grant Horoscopes for August 26 2020

Aries Horoscope for August 26 2020: Boredom will quickly set in if a task you take on proves too easy. If you spend too long in the same place or situation you will get fed up with your surroundings. Something is urging you to step back from a friendship or romantic situation. Listen to your intuition.

Taurus Horoscope for August 26 2020: You have a number of choices ahead and you aren't sure which way to go. Draw up a list of pros and cons and take it from there. Be ready to end old commitments and arrangements to make room in your life for new beginnings. Serenity can be found through meditation or walking in the countryside.

Gemini Horoscope for August 26 2020: Be bold and experiment with new ideas. Say yes to the chance of enjoying a variety of pastimes. Be daring and join your more adventurous friends in living life to the full. The results of a test will give you something to celebrate. Travel has a strong appeal. Even if you can't go far, it's hard to ignore your itchy feet.

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Cancer Horoscope for August 26 2020: You want to learn more about something you hear. You won't be sure whether or not you are being told the truth until you look further into it. A spontaneous decision will be made on behalf of your family. If you're worried about what other people might say, it doesn't matter. What's important is that this is right for you.

Leo Horoscope for August 26 2020: Don't feel as if nothing ever happens in your life and other people get all the luck. Create your own opportunities. You might want something different but a partner isn't feeling so restless. If the effort you're making to improve your relationship isn't working, it might be time to go your separate ways.

Virgo Horoscope for August 26 2020: A senior colleague will help you move forward with career plans that seemed just out of reach. Your skills will be an asset in a group situation. Working with a mentor will help you advance your professional agenda. A friendship will be rekindled as you re-connect with each other via a social networking site.

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Libra Horoscope for August 26 2020: Secrets are causing problems between you and a partner. You will sense the need to be more open in your communications. This won't be easy when you have been keeping a few things to yourself lately. Confide in an older friend if there's something on your mind that's stopping you from being your usual cheerful self.

Scorpio Horoscope for August 26 2020: Embarking on a new relationship should be fun. Someone you meet will have a huge heart. You will be inspired by their kindness and will know they're going to be a big part of your future. Something you have been trying to keep secret will come up in conversation. You will be surprised by how many people also know about it.

Sagittarius Horoscope for August 26 2020: You will shy away from the limelight but sometimes this makes you feel unappreciated. You are making tremendous progress but this is going unnoticed by people in power. A competitor is trying to take the credit for your hard work. Learn how to showcase your abilities.

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Capricorn Horoscope for August 26 2020: You have too much on your plate. Your list of things to do is increasing rather than decreasing. You feel overwhelmed by responsibility and you know you cannot keep this up. You need to delegate tasks. Don't put this off any longer. Share your duties with others. Start planning ahead and this will help you feel more organised.

Aquarius Horoscope for August 26 2020: A long-term friendship does not have to be dull. If you need more excitement, find fun things to do together. It might feel as if you are drifting apart but it is more likely you have fallen into a rut. Instead of breaking up, change direction and add spice to your relationship.

Pisces Horoscope for August 26 2020: A sudden offer or opportunity will give you a chance to improve your situation. This is the proof you have been watching for that some clouds do have a silver lining. A relationship can survive if you both pull together and work on it. Exercise will be a good outlet for your emotions.

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