Russell Grant Horoscopes for February 15 2020

Aries Horoscope for February 15 2020: You're getting closer and closer to your professional goals. Pause to congratulate yourself for coming this far. It's been a fabulous journey that has not yet ended. Enjoying every phase will pave the way for bigger and better achievements, both personally and professionally. Walking away from something that no longer serves you will be empowering. Not only will you be relieved to escape a stressful situation, but you'll enjoy discovering new ways of thinking and living. Change can be a wonderful thing.

Taurus Horoscope for February 15 2020: It's important for you to lead a life that reflects your values. If you're living in an area that wears on your nerves or have a job that bothers your conscience, make some changes. Move away from things that no longer serve you. A sense of harmony prevails in your home. Everyone is treating each other with respect, making it a pleasure to walk through the front door. Take this opportunity to plan a holiday which will appeal to everyone's interests.

Gemini Horoscope for February 15 2020: Treat getting out of debt like a game. Tally up everything you owe and then devise a payment programme. A smart person like you can figure out how to get out of debt effortlessly. Have a fun part time job to pay these bills. A friend from your past will try to reconnect. Establishing a social media connection or meeting for coffee will be lots of fun. You'll enjoy reminiscing about old times. Some of your memories will inspire an art project that has healing power.

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Cancer Horoscope for February 15 2020: Providing stability to a business or romantic partner makes you feel great. You enjoy being the launching pad for their creative ideas and bold plans. Start providing the same service to yourself. Keep assuring yourself that you're on the right path. Success is guaranteed. The opportunity to go on a dream trip will fall into your lap. Make reservations as quickly as possible. You can always find someone to watch your children, pets and plants later. Feed your excitement.

Leo Horoscope for February 15 2020: You're conscientious and dutiful. That's why your employer always gives you the most important assignments. Because you have been entrusted with such critical tasks, you should be given a raise. If you don't get the money you deserve, look for another position. Home is a source of comfort and joy. Throwing a party is strongly advised. You'll enjoy bringing everyone together in a spirit of harmony. Don't be surprised when a romance takes flight because of this gathering.

Virgo Horoscope for February 15 2020: Taking a romantic relationship to the next level will bring great happiness. It feels so good to be with someone who shares your values and knows your worthiness. Together, you will build a prosperous life that feels like a glamorous movie. Attending a celebration will be lots of fun. Use this party as an excuse to buy a new outfit. You'll find some clothes that enhance your natural good looks and fit perfectly. Prepare to turn some heads.

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Libra Horoscope for February 15 2020: Are you tired of feeling insecure? Concentrate on creating a comfortable home environment. The moment you walk into your place, you should breathe a sigh of relief. Pay careful attention to the colours, furniture arrangements and lighting. These things have a big impact on emotions. A supportive friend can also improve your financial prospects. Discuss your hopes, dreams and desires over a delicious lunch. Talk about why you want these things, rather than how you will achieve them. The means will arrive when you radiate positive energy.

Scorpio Horoscope for February 15 2020: If you're going to master a subject, you must be disciplined about your studies. Carve out time each day to read, practice and do research. Forming a study group comprised of similarly ambitious students will be very helpful. You'll motivate each other. You're in a good place right now. Enjoy this moment for all it is worth. When you bring your awareness to things that make you happy, it becomes easy to attract even more wealth, health and happiness.

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 15 2020: You're willing to work hard to achieve material security. The fastest way to get the wealth you want is to do work you enjoy. Turn a deaf ear to cynics who insist you must sell your soul to prosper. This is untrue. Romance is about to enter your life. If you're in a relationship, let your partner lavish you with love. Don't tease them about their amorous intentions. Are you single? You'll meet someone special at a nightclub, environmental group or antique fair.

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Capricorn Horoscope for February 15 2020: You're determined to realise your dreams. This means tuning into your instincts. If a plan fills you with excitement, it's worth following. Is a routine making you miserable? You should end it. Powerful emotion trumps conventional wisdom. Do what feels good. Excitement is building about a personal relationship. You really enjoy spending time with someone who has interesting observations about people's behaviour and motivations. An intense talk will pave the way to a creative collaboration. You'll enjoy realising your partner's vision.

Aquarius Horoscope for February 15 2020: Spending more time by yourself is therapeutic. Although you love your friends and relatives, they can sometimes drain your energy. At times like these, it's probably wise for you to take yourself off to a private place where you can hear yourself think. Stay away from social media, too. Finding a job that is emotionally satisfying is a great way to spend your time. You've been blessed with strong managerial skills. Making order out of chaos brings lots of pleasure. Seek a position that draws on this skill.

Pisces Horoscope for February 15 2020: You're ready to pursue a lofty goal. Prepare for some big changes. An increased income, a more rewarding love life and a stimulating dream world are on their way to you. When you feel worthy of the best, that's exactly what you receive. A loved one is exhibiting annoying behaviour. Grin and bear it. Although this friend sometimes gets on your nerves, they also bring a great deal of happiness. Make a list of all their best qualities. As your appreciation grows, your relationship will improve.

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