Russell Grant Horoscopes for June 2 2020

Aries Horoscope for June 2 2020: Exaggerating your importance will result in embarrassment. The last thing you want is to be ridiculed for bragging. Give credit where it is due. Although you might have signed off on a project, the hard work was performed by a team of dedicated assistants. Entering a partnership purely for personal convenience is a mistake. Unless you have genuine respect and affection for the person in question, you should stay out of their orbit. It's better to be alone and happy than together and miserable.

Taurus Horoscope for June 2 2020: Extreme beliefs can cause narrow-mindedness. There's nothing wrong with having strong convictions, but this doesn't license you to write off people who disagree with you. Everybody has a right to their own opinion. Treating colleagues will respect will pave the way to some big breakthroughs. Don't give a minor ache or pain too much attention. Your natural state is healthy. A diet of nutritious food will boost your energy and increase your strength. It also helps to take daily exercise, even if it's just a brisk walk at lunch.

Gemini Horoscope for June 2 2020: Arguments over taxes or an inheritance could drain your energy. Rather than anticipating a big struggle, spend a few minutes imagining everything working to your advantage. Do this every day at the same time. This will greatly improve your chances for a successful outcome. An impulsive decision will be regrettable. Whether you have a deep urge to buy a luxury item or want to confess a crush, you should wait a few days before obeying this compulsion. Patience pays off.

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Cancer Horoscope for June 2 2020: Don't give a business partner the benefit of the doubt. By putting down the terms of your deal in a contract, there will be little room for argument about how a job should be performed. Have this paperwork reviewed by a legal professional. The prospect of relocating fills you with dread. You'd rather stay put. Take this opportunity to explore your options. If you really must move, picture yourself finding a dream home that fulfils all your desires. This change could be an improvement.

Leo Horoscope for June 2 2020: Overindulging in food and drink can cause physical distress. You'll fare much better by sticking to a diet that is mainly comprised of fresh produce, whole grains and lean protein. Give yourself a handsome reward for giving your body premium fuel. Beware of wasting valuable time on social media. Instead of spending hours scrolling down a screen, concentrate on important job that must be dispatched. Once you're finished, you can catch up on what everyone else is doing. You won't have missed much.

Virgo Horoscope for June 2 2020: Taking emotional and financial risks will backfire. It's best to play it safe. If you're seeking adventure, take an experimental approach to a creative project. Working with unfamiliar materials will excite your imagination. Visit an art supply store; the colours and textures will inspire you. Holding on to your money can be difficult when you give it more importance than it deserves. Cash is a helpful tool, but it's not a reflection of your personal worth. Resist the temptation to buy a status symbol you don't really want.

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Libra Horoscope for June 2 2020: Clinging too tightly to family traditions will inhibit your own growth. Give yourself permission to establish new ways of observing holidays, earning money and organising your home. Moving in another direction will renew your zest for living. Express your inner artist. Beware of emotional eating. If you're upset, find a healthier way of feeling better. Visit a public garden if it's now open, go to a local park or treat yourself to a movie marathon on a streaming service. Satisfying your love of beauty will make you glow.

Scorpio Horoscope for June 2 2020: A person who is recovering from an illness is in a bad mood. Deliver them some light reading material. If they're able to eat snacks, drop off ones they'll enjoy. Your thoughtful gesture will be greatly appreciated. There's a feeling in the air that things are changing and will never be the same again. Whilst you welcome new opportunities you may feel that letting go of the past might be too big an ask just now. Important decisions need time and attention and there is no real need for you to rush into anything.

Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2 2020: When setting a work deadline, give yourself more time than you expect to perform a job. Then you won't be in a tight spot if an emergency arises. Best of all, customer, client or patient will be delighted when you deliver results ahead of schedule. You're susceptible to other people's opinions. Before making a big decision, take yourself off to a quiet corner where you can hear yourself think. Your intuition will tell you what's best for you. Don't question it.

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Capricorn Horoscope for June 2 2020: Pretending to have more experience than you possess will be cause for regret. Admit your ignorance in certain areas. Your honesty will be appreciated, whether you're applying for a job or bidding on a contract. Don't worry; you'll get the training you need. Stop worrying about what other people will think if you cut back on your responsibilities. You have a right to enjoy more of your leisure time. Having more opportunities to cuddle your partner or make art will make your spirits soar.

Aquarius Horoscope for June 2 2020: There's nothing wrong with being idealistic, but it does help to know how to implement your ideas. If you're not sure how to get a charitable organisation, law or ordinance off the ground, talk to a friend who has experience with such ventures. You might have to change some opinions that fly in the face of reason. Be open to accepting reliable facts and figures. Your willingness to listen to reason will win the respect of both your peers and superiors.

Pisces Horoscope for June 2 2020: Taking friends for granted is a serious mistake. If a loved one is unable to help you, remember all the times they came to your rescue. By giving them credit for all the generosity they've shown in the past, your relationship will get stronger. Beware of getting romantically involved with someone strictly out of physical desire. Although you might be enjoying the distant chase, your potential partner will be hurt by your lack of affection. Hold out for true love.

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