Russell Grant Horoscopes for April 14 2021

Aries Horoscope for April 14 2021: Choices you need to make are important ones and could have far reaching consequences. That's why you want to take your time about it. You're in a dreamy frame of mind and there's nothing wrong with building castles in the air just as long as when it is time to face up to reality you come back down to earth again.

Taurus Horoscope for April 14 2021: People are persuading you to explore new potentials and possibilities. There must be something in what they say because it is rare for you to agree to uncertain changes. You realise that some roads will lead to dead ends even if they look like safe alternatives. Having your practical support will make a difference to others.

Gemini Horoscope for April 14 2021: Thanks to the helpful support of some skilled and talented people, you can expect to make good progress in furthering your ambitions. Friends and colleagues won't have to push you to get going. This is your chance to take advantage of working with a supportive team and it isn't a one you intend to ignore.

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Cancer Horoscope for April 14 2021: Does it really matter what you think of someone you work or study with? As long as they get on with the job and do their share of work, you should have no complaints. If you find yourself in the company of someone you aren't keen on for a good percentage of the day, you're just going to have to make an effort to get on with them.

Leo Horoscope for April 14 2021: Someone who is new to the job is confused and uncertain. They aren't confident about carrying out some tasks alone and you might sense their bewilderment. Because they won't want to cause you any inconvenience you may have to insist on giving them a helping hand. Your support will put their mind at ease.

Virgo Horoscope for April 14 2021: Not everything will be going your way but at the same time you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Small hurdles can be overcome so don't get too disheartened. Some of your problems will be linked to people who seem to have too much to do and too little time for you.

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Libra Horoscope for April 14 2021: There is little agreement in a group and you might prefer to get on with most things yourself. This experience will be good for you when normally you prefer to join forces with others. Someone who is normally pleasant is behaving very strangely and until they explain what is going on you will prefer to avoid them.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 14 2021: You've always been intuitive and there are signs of possible openings to improve your current circumstances. You may be the only one to notice this and because of this you will be more prepared than others to jump at new opportunities as they arise while they are still thinking about them.

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 14 2021: A close friend who should be more supportive isn't helping when they are making your personal affairs public. They will insist they are acting in your best interests but you see no signs of this and you should let them know how you feel. This isn't a good time to make any big plans for home improvement.

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Capricorn Horoscope for April 14 2021: With the help of others you will make progress in your aims. Sorting out the practical affairs of life is one of your main priorities. It can be surprising how willing other people are to give you the support you need when you need it. You have always been there for them and this is their way of showing their appreciation.

Aquarius Horoscope for April 14 2021: This is a good time to make new starts especially if these are in some way involved travel or goals on your distant horizon. Family and friends who always said they would support you are happy to admit that if they share the responsibility they will share the work. Because of this you will be pleased with agreements reached.

Pisces Horoscope for April 14 2021: Your attention will be drawn to money matters even though you would love to ignore this in the hope that it will go away. A practical friend will accuse you of not thinking properly where finances are concerned. Some recent careless spending has left you with a difficult dilemma. Ask for help if you aren't sure what to do.

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