Russell Grant Horoscopes for September 5 2023

Aries Horoscope for September 5 2023: If you aren't sure how to respond when someone asks you how you feel, it is okay to tell them you are fine but you need to process your emotions. Ask to talk about it later once you have figured out your feelings. Being honest about how you feel is a good way to get other people's respect.

Taurus Horoscope for September 5 2023: You will always prefer to be careful and cautious. Even so, don't shy away from setting your sights high. Whatever your aims, you have determination on your side. If you really believe you can get to the top, nothing can stop you.

Gemini Horoscope for September 5 2023: Your confidence is rising thanks to a recent achievement you can be proud of. Your excitement and soaring spirits are obvious for everyone to see. Your happiness is contagious and there is no doubt about your energy and enthusiasm affecting all those around you.

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Cancer Horoscope for September 5 2023: Whether an offer or opportunity comes your way through luck and good fortune or it has to do with your hard work of the past few days is debatable. What is important is that you're in a strong position now to decide where your life should be leading.

Leo Horoscope for September 5 2023: You're over-analysing people's responses when there is every chance that when someone is trying to keep something simple, they are sincere in this intention. You're even interpreting their facial expressions as meaning something which they will deny.

Virgo Horoscope for September 5 2023: You're aware of a situation that is causing a number of people headaches. Either they will be complaining to you or approaching you with questions and requests for guidance. You might find yourself having to take over and your ability to lead will come as no surprise to those who know you as being practical and reliable.

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Libra Horoscope for September 5 2023: Someone who is new to your life is quickly becoming important to you as a friend or romantic partner. A new relationship or friendship is progressing beautifully. Joint activities are favoured. Happiness comes from celebrating the success you are enjoying together.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 5 2023: Friends and colleagues respect and appreciate your cooperative spirit. It does not matter whether you are teaming up with relatives, friends or workmates, the rewards you are all enjoying from a joint project will make it worth all the time and effort you are putting into it.

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 5 2023: Good news will be linked to a relative who is in line for some money luck. Your family and friends aren't mind readers. If you want someone to be honest with you, be prepared to sit down with them and have open and truthful discussions.

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Capricorn Horoscope for September 5 2023: Best rewards will come from taking a responsible and diplomatic approach to events and social arrangements. It might come as some surprise to you to realise you seem to be the most popular person around. People love your sense of humour and practical observations.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 5 2023: You're clear about what you are asking for and yet you can't seem to get definite answers. You can't understand why someone is being so vague. If this continues, you're likely to encounter further problems. Get others to clarify what they actually mean.

Pisces Horoscope for September 5 2023: You and your ex are considering getting back together after breaking up some time ago. How much have you really missed or pined for each other? What have you learned from the separation? You may have to remind yourself that you broke up for a reason.

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