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Zodiac Mums

Want to really put a smile on your mother's face?  Here you'll discover what makes your mum tick, why she's special and above all give you advice on what gifts will make her day!

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She’s Special Because: she is bright, dazzling and energetic. She loves to be active and doesn’t care if the dusting doesn’t get done. She’s a great friend and she always wants to be a part of things. She’s determined to make sure that her family gets as much as possible out of life. She knows how to have fun and she never stays mad at you for long.
She will always take an active interest in your life and friendships.
She will never lie to you or try to curb you with unrealistic demands or expectations.
Gifts to delight her: a new mobile phone, driving lessons, a lottery ticket, diamond ear-rings, a crystal vase.

She’s Special Because: she is loving and dependable. Whenever you need her, she will be there and she always knows how to help sort your problems out. She is sensible and practical and great at creating order out of chaos. Your Taurus mum is the stable and steady influence in your life that makes you feel safe and secure.
She will always mean what she says. Your Taurus Mum doesn’t play games with you and you know where you stand with her.
She will never let you down. If she makes you a promise, she will keep it.
Gifts to delight her: A bunch of flowers, something for the garden, a hand-crafted gift or painting.

She’s Special Because: she is lively, witty and always on the go. She knows how to keep everyone occupied and you’ve learned so much through watching and listening to her. She’s talented and imaginative and able to do a dozen things at once. Sometimes you might wonder whether she’s super-human. She’s bubbly, dynamic and full of fun and she knows how to keep herself young.
She will always make life interesting and exciting for her family.
She will never inhibit you with too many household rules and regulations.
Gifts to delight her: a book by her favourite author, a good fountain pen or set of calligraphy pens. A weekend city break.

She’s Special Because: she is sensitive and cares deeply about her family and friends. She’s intuitive and instinctively knows what to say and do to make you feel good. She will celebrate your successes and encourage you when you are down. She is strongly protective and she will work hard to create a happy, secure and loving family environment.
She will always keep the home-fires burning. Her family is the most important thing in your mother’s life and you feel safe in her love and protection.
She will never do anything to hurt her family.
Gifts to delight her: A box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers. A romantic novel or video. A Robbie Willliams CD.

She’s Special Because: She’s loving, affectionate, cheerful and vivacious. She lights up your life and the life of everyone she meets. Your friends envy you for having such a jovial, happy and cheery mum. Nothing seems to get her down. She’s generous with her time and money and takes an avid interest in your hobbies, leisure pursuits and your academic and career goals.
She will always want the best for you and she will make personal sacrifices if need be for the happiness of her family.
She will never try to curb your natural talents. She will encourage you to make the best of your abilities.
Gifts to delight her: A necklace or ear-rings with large colourful stones. A small original drawing or painting. Take her out shopping for the day and make a big thing of it. Book her a massage or make-over.

She’s Special Because: she’s so reliable, steadfast and consistent. She runs a neat and orderly household and she takes her role as a mother very seriously. She has bags of patience and she puts a lot of time, energy and thought into how to keep her home running smoothly. She enjoys running around after her family (even if she won’t admit it) and she’s a great cook too!
She will always be there when you need her and she will encourage you to look after yourself through good eating habits and regular exercise.
She will never show her emotions too readily. She shows the strong love she feels for her family, through the things that she does for you.
Gifts to delight her: she’ll tell you ‘not to bother with a gift’ but she doesn’t really mean it. A bunch of flowers, box of chocolates, a lightly perfumed talc or cologne. Keep it simple. Nothing too expensive.

She’s Special Because: she has a happy, playful and perky personality. She hardly ever argues with you and she knows how to get you to do as you’re told, without ever having to raise her voice! She uses her charm to wind everyone round her little finger, and you love her for it. She’s creative, resourceful and she makes life so interesting and exciting.
She will always encourage and support you, whatever your aims, aspirations, needs or beliefs.
She will never manage her household with rules, regulations or routine. Hers is a more easy-going approach to housework and raising a family.
Gifts to delight her: Anything colourful, fancy and bright. Perfume and beauty products. A romantic historical novel.

She’s Special Because: she is so in control. She is intense and passionate about whatever she does and through her influence, you will have learned the benefits of determination, resolve and purpose. Your relationship is strong and intense. You feel you can always rely on her because there’s no-one quite like her and you’re so lucky to have her as your mum.
She will always run an organised and orderly household. She takes her family life very seriously but she will have lots of interests outside the home too.
She will never waste her time and she will always find something for you to do with your time!
Gifts to delight her: A bottle of wine or wine glasses. Perfume. A meal at her favourite restaurant. A good crime or mystery novel.

She’s Special Because: she is big-hearted, with big plans, big ideas and big hopes. She’s never bored and she amazes everyone because she has so much energy and vitality. She is more concerned with making sure her family are content and happy than whether or not the housework gets done. She appreciates you for who you are and respects and encourages you to follow your own Star.
She will always offer positive encouragement and enthusiastic support whenever you should need it.
She will never expect her family to live a humdrum existence.
Gifts to delight her: plan a family activity trip or holiday. Give her an experience she won’t ever forget or buy her some equipment or materials towards her current hobby.

She’s Special Because: she is so cool, calm and collected. She is a devoted and dedicated mother. She runs a neat, tidy and orderly household and she’s never in a rush. Somehow things always get done, even when pushed for time, and she never seems to panic or fret about anything. She is reliable and dependable and committed to her family.
She will always be a trusty influence in your life. Her unruffled nature helps you to cope with whatever life throws at you.
She will never lose control of her emotions or show her feelings too openly.
Gifts to delight her: A purse or handbag. Something ‘useful’ and be sure that it’s good value for money!

She’s Special Because: she’s so unpredictable, impulsive and spontaneous in her ways. She is friendly and everyone and anyone is welcome in your home. She is versatile, multitalented and flexible. Nothing ever surprises her and no matter what her age, she will be modern in her outlook. She’s special because she’s so different from anyone else’s mum!
She will always encourage you to think for yourself.
She will never try to curb your independence.
Gifts to delight her: Plan a surprise party and invite all her friends and relatives. Give her something she’s not expecting and she will be over the moon.

She’s Special Because: she is imaginative, intuitive and perceptive. She always seems to know what you’re thinking and you can’t keep anything from her. She won’t make too many rules and she runs a fairly laid-back household. She’s sympathetic when you need understanding and stern when you need firm guidance. She is someone you will always be able to confide in and she’s special because she knows how to make you feel special too.
She will always make you feel as if you can really talk to her and she will always understand.
She will never be overly strict or authoritarian.
Gifts to delight her: Flowers, chocolates, perfume. Discreet jewellery. Glassware or a hand-crafted ornament.


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