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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
Your keen sense of smell will help you identify opportunities that are headed in your direction. It's amazing that a surprise travel opportunity falls into your lap.is made for you, but don't ask too many questions. Simply make use of your luck while you have the chance. There are lots of exciting things happening at the moment that will draw your attention. The importance of relationships is that you are also important and taking the time to care for yourself will make you feel better physically as well as emotionally. Be who you are and don't attempt to be someone that you're not, just to please other people. Spend a few minutes every day to connect to your higher self. Play music, meditate or simply take an excursion outdoors. Keep your mind active by engaging in activities that stimulate your mind and make you feel good. The financial picture is stable but remains open for improvements. No matter if you write, paint, cook, sew or sing, anyone has the capacity to be imaginative. Relax and enjoy yourself by establishing an entirely new routine. Take a bubble bath, enjoy an iced beverage and take a stroll through the natural world. Connecting to nature will boost your energy levels and send love signals out to the Universe. The signal you send will become an illuminating light, bringing love connections and opportunities for you. It's important to make it a habit of focusing on your personal tasks as May gets underway. This is not the best time to allow others to distract you away from your goals. A workplace conflict could be so intense that a superior employee may be required to intervene and take action. An apology could have to be repeated in order to address an issue that causes tension. New guidelines are scheduled to be implemented and are expected to ease your burden in the near future. No data available for this date. [wtag1]0905 506 6789   

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