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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
It might seem as if finances are being managed on a partner or someone else's terms in June and you resent a lack of independence. If you aren't happy with the situation, do what you can to change it. The 4th and 14th are good days to bring up joint financial interests. Avoid touchy topics on the 21st as the outcome won't benefit you at all. Community events, transport and educational costs could put pressure on finances in July and August. You might dream of receiving a fiscal fillip and you wish the Cosmos would pour its riches upon you but in reality, you might find it quite a struggle to pay your way. If the situation continues into September, some changes in your spending habits must be made and all members of the household should be involved in the decision making process. The good news is in October, a stroke of luck could bring in some extra income. You won't be frivolous and you will intend to build on this opportunity, perhaps through a low risk investment venture. Either you or someone in the family will be making changes in their career towards the end of the year. You don't mind taking on more responsibility especially if your income reflects this. If you're self employed finances are more stable now and they're likely to improve further during the first few months of 2009. Partnership matters are highlighted in January. Social get togethers will be linked with business and you could be meeting influential people who might be in a position to lend a helping hand with financial or career concerns. You will be feeling more cheerful and hopeful by March and there can be little doubt that the progressive trends of these first few months of the year are a foretaste of the shape of things to come.   

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