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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd
Despite your efforts to keep on top, financially, you may find it hard to manage personal finances in June. Professional advice or listening to the sensible suggestions of an older relative could help a lot. Once you're more in control of your finances, you won't feel so stressed. With you being more sensible and more focused on your professional concerns in July you won't feel you can warrant the cost of introducing new technical appliances in your home. You might find some excellent buys in a charity shop or car boot sale in the summer. Deceptive trends around the 21st September require that you exercise care in buying and spending. You could be tempted to spend extravagantly on a luxury item in October. If you give in to this impulse you won't feel any guilt because you feel you deserve a treat. Reaching agreements about financial and legal concerns will be difficult and time consuming in November. Sign up for a course or seminar and add to your professional qualifications in December. Although money isn't likely to be in short supply during the last few months of the year, extra expenses mean you won't really feel the benefit. If, as 2009 begins, you find yourself struggling with debts, talk to other members of the family or get some free and independent advice. Venus has a positive influence on joint ventures in February. The receipt of a large sum, either as a loan, gift or inheritance will make for a feeling of freedom from monetary pressures and worries. There will be extra benefits, during the first quarter of the year for Librans who can combine romance with business. Husband and wife teams should thrive and if you have creative skills, you should think seriously about turning what is essentially a hobby into a money making venture.   

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