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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd
Your ruler Mars at the top of your chart in June suggests a lot of your time and energy will be focused on career and material areas. Try not to be overly critical about the spending habits of a close tie as you could find yourself benefiting from their good fortune later in the year! Not all is as it seems around the 21st. Some form of hangover resulting from this is apparent on the 25th when financial transactions will need some special investigation before you make any important decisions. Money making ideas are positively encouraged at the start of July. Flashes of inspiration in the form of 'hunches' are likely between the 5th and 8th especially in the area of career and finance. Financial benefits will come through your business and social connections in the summer and you might pick up some useful tips. Loved ones will be in a generous mood. You could be feeling the pain of some unexpected hefty financial demands in November. You may not be as careful as usual with details and a mistake could be made in calculations that will be quite costly. As the year ends you will be putting the interests of loved ones before your own. You may be in a position to help a relative cope better financially as they aren't finding it easy and you know what it feels like to be in their shoes. Home improvement ideas are set to start in February or a decision will be made on whether to improve your existing home or move to another. Your opposite number is likely to enjoy above average monetary luck in March and their good fortune is bound to rub off on you. A one off bonus or an offer of promotion could come your way around the 17th.   

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