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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Household finances are increasing. You no doubt wish there was more money coming in to cover rising expenses. If you can't find a way to increase your income, the only other alternative is to cut down your spending during June and July. You've always loved the things that money can buy but for a few months you need to be thrifty. Someone you meet in August, at a party, theatre or sports arena will have a big impact on your life in the future. You could well be joining forces, financially. Be sure terms are agreed in writing from the start and this could prove to be a profitable partnership. Your intuition will be a valuable asset in finance and business in September. Your partner will be supportive about your financial goals in October and will be actively involved in new efforts to make money. Positive financial moves and fortunate property deals can be made during the latter half of November while Mars is in the money sector of your chart. Important and exciting financial windfalls and opportunities could happen between the 5th and 12th December. As the year ends, money comes in through your work and other usual ways. You might discover too that you're entitled to receive benefits you haven't been claiming for. Into 2009 and the eclipse on January 26th could coincide with some important changes in your career. New job moves during the first two months of the year will be good for you and soon you will be earning the income to support a more lavish lifestyle. Social activities could be expensive in March. If you're single, you might bump into an interesting romantic opportunity as you go about pursuing your career or financial goals.   

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