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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
While your Cancerian canine loves praise, attention and affection you might find they have a shy, retiring side and that their feelings can easily be hurt leaving you looking into big soleful eyes and putting all the guilt on you. So now you know that this pooch has you in the palm of their paw and they can and will twist you round their little finger, if they have fingers. One thing they do love, apart from you, is familiarity, and the creature comforts of home so don't take them long walks late at night in the rain or try to take their favourite toys or blankets away no matter how ratty they look. When it comes to training, they could end up training you so play clever, cuddles are better than cajoling and give them time to think about what they are doing. One step at a time is the key to success so be patient and don't get worried if they sit and look at you as if you're mad. Healthwise your pampered pooch could be nervy; storms, loud noises and sudden surprises are definitely not their cup of tea and they could end up behind the couch for hours on end. They may want, as much as need special diets, but take care not to be tricked into treating them all the time. Just because they like fresh chicken doesn't mean they need fresh chicken. If you like to tease and trick this Cancerian you should proceed with caution, they will get irritated quickly and will plot their revenge while they sulk in their basket.   

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