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LEO - July 24th - August 23rd
When you take a Leo doggie into your house you can expect to be instantly pushed onto the sidelines whilst they bask in the limelight. They will be taking charge from the word 'Go' so learn to fit in and play second fiddle. Noisy, energetic and bursting with bonhomie they will want to announce their presence to the world big time so expect barking, tail wagging, leaping about and some unusual ways to greet visitors. Your pet will always look on top form and even when they are sleeping they look like they rule the roost. They learn quickly, maybe even quicker than you so ask yourself 'Who is training who here?' They are not great runners, they prefer to look good and rushing round with your tongue hanging out is definitely not their style and they just love to be told how fabulous they look. They have ideas above their station when it comes to food so they will want to eat what you eat and expect to eat it off the same plates and dishes. Canned food in a dog bowl will be a real turn off and they may try a hunger strike, so in the clash of wills that follows you will have to decide whether to give in or stick to your guns. Enjoy your Leo friend, they will be great company, great fun and great personalities and so long as you know your place everything will be just fine!   

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