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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd
Looking for a sweet toothed binge-eating pal? The Libran doggie is made for you! They will lap up ice cream, feast on sweeties and treats and stash the rest behind the couch for later. But if you're looking for a reliable playmate to fit in with your routines and lifestyle you might be in for a shock. They can be the perfect pooch one minute and the hound from hell the next when they point blank refuse to do what you want and go their own way without a word of warning. This means you could end up chasing them round the park or beach while they turn a deaf ear to your calls or they might get trained quickly and quietly and then forget it all when it suits them. Loud noises, raucous music, storms and fireworks are their pet hates, but you can rely on them to look great and keep fit so long as you watch their diet and don't leave any food cupboards open. Often you will see them having trouble making their mind up what to do next or which toy to play with, but once they have decided there will be no stopping them. When it comes to bed time they will love cushions, soft blankets, preferably cashmere, and plenty of them, better still, they will probably prefer your duvet to their's!   

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