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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Gaia or Mother Earth is one of your goddesses. Gaia is the Earth in goddess form. She was worshipped as the universal mother and nourisher of children. She has influence over Fate and Destiny and presides over marriage. Gaia has a calm and placid nature and she will help you find serenity within. You might connect inwardly with Gaia in times when you feel out of kilter as Gaia will help balance you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Being near the sea or in the countryside also brings you close to your goddess as she was also known as the mother of mountains, seas and valleys. Gaia's gemstones are: Amber and Black Tourmaline. Kali is another one of your goddesses. Like Gaia, Kali has the power to give life and take it away. As a mother, she is a preserver and protector. She is associated with courage, rebirth and change. She will help you face your fears. As a Taurus you feel comfortable with routine and order. Change makes you uneasy and you don't like unpredictability. Kali is the goddess to connect with during times of change as she will help bring order out of chaos. She will help you see the reason behind events and to understand the meaning of what is going in. If you aren't sure where you are going, Kali is the goddess who will help you find a sense of purpose.   

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