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LEO - July 24th - August 23rd
Some like it hot, but Leos like it hot, hot, hot! Ruled by the Sun this summer fire sign is the ideal visitor for their very own resorts on the Costa Del Sol - the coast of the Sun. If not the lure of stifling Florida and California could be the perfect holiday icebreaker.
They love to love, love to play and love a wee bit of luxury - well a lot actually if they don't get much of any of the above at home. This sign is five star all the way, four at a pinch! A golden tan is a must for these beautiful people to enhance their gorgeous bods, pecs and hairy locks in the Spanish and Latino hot spots.
As the stars of the zodiac they are natural born performers. Once they hit the dance floor, posed in Saturday Night Fever fashion every day of the week there's no stopping them from seeking out the limelight in true Ibiza style. Yes Leo tonight you ARE John Travolta or Olivia Newton John, although the only grease on them is Factor 40 or squidge of brylcreem. This sign really knows how to live La Vida Loca.   

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