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AQUARIUS - January 21st - February 19th
There was something so limiting, frustrating and even disappointing in your past life, that in this current incarnation, you are quite the opposite to what you used to be. - How can I explain this further? - Well, you were a very conventional, careful and cautious individual. - Indeed, so set in your ways that you'd hardly do anything just for 'the fun of it'.

There was a seriousness about your life in the past and this could be because you had a great deal of responsibility. But at the same time, there will have been much sacrifice and you may have ended that life feeling as if you'd missed out a lot. This is perhaps also why, you're such an independent, freedom-loving unconventional person in this life. - You just don't want to feel limited in the same way again.

Your aims goals and priorities in previous incarnations were quite unlike those of your present life. Indeed, you might be surprised to hear how materialistic and ambitious you were compared with now.

Another thing that stands out quite strongly is the chance that there were some military links in your past life. Going back to the Middle Ages, for instance, you may have been a knight of the crusades. Perhaps there were links with Richard the Lionheart. Or maybe you marched long and hard with the Tudor armies.

Now the other reason I'm drawn to Tudor times now, is because there is also a connection with sport, for instance: hunting, jousting, archery and Tennis. You were a person with immense energy but there was also a steak of cruelty that was common to the Tudors. And it is strongly possible that in this life, you will be against hunting and any kind of cruelty to animals.

It is likely that you have experienced a number of past lives and there was some restriction, as I've already mentioned. If, for instance, you lived in the Middle Ages, life was rigorous and self-sufficient whether you lived in a castle, or a peasant's hovel. A lot of your time will have been spent in the open air as homes were dark and often stuffy. You may have been a Lord who ruled the manor in the king's name, or you may have had your own small holding for which you will have also worked on the lord's land. Whichever it was, life was tough throughout the Middle Ages in Great Britain, and it is unlikely you enjoyed a great amount of personal freedom.

What I'm trying to picture here is a life where you had many responsibilities and there were restrictions. It is unlikely you travelled far and in nature, you were serious and even solemn. You probably didn't laugh a lot and there will have been times when dark moods will have descended upon you. In short, life was tough and demanding!

So what might you have learned from your past existences? Well, you're much more relaxed and easy-going now. You don't like to feel restricted by others and in turn, you won't place too many demands on those around you. You are a person who is happy to 'live and let live'. This is why too, I have mentioned the likelihood of your having experienced a number of incarnations. For there is the type of wisdom and understanding to your nature which can only have come through some hard lessons of the past.

You have concern about other people, but you tend to keep yourself detached now. This is possibly because in your past life, there was someone who leaned on you too heavily and you began to feel stifled and confined in this relationship.
There is compassion within you and you do have a charitable nature, but because of what you have already been through before, you will always endeavour NOT to get too deeply involved.   

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