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ARIES - March 21st - April 20th
You are at the start of a brand new cycle. This means that your previous existence was dominated by the ending of an 'old learning experience' - for want of better words.

You have come into this present life from a previous life of possible restriction, responsibility or confinement. You have been released from these limitations and liabilities and it is now possible for you to move forward and enjoy new and exciting experiences.

Have you ever wondered why you're so eager to try different things, to get projects started, to explore and look for the novel and new? - It's as if there's so much in this world that you want to do. - Like a young child in Toy Land. You want to enjoy and experience it all, and this makes you quite impulsive and spontaneous in nature.

What I'm going to do now is give you an impression of your past life. I shall discuss how it might affect your current situation and then, more importantly, we'll look at ways in which you can overcome any obstacles that have been carried over by your previous existence.

Already I have mentioned a feeling of frustration or limitation. It is unlikely, therefore, that you will have travelled a great deal unless that is, it was under duress. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean your past life was restricted to the location of your present life. - No! - Let's go back, for instance to the time of Peter the Great in Russian history. - What a change he made for Russia: he gave the country a standing army, a navy on the Baltic, a financial organisation. He made canals, encouraged industry, literature and art. But what was it like to live in his time? - That's the impression I'm trying to give here. - A time when he increased taxation; his cruelty was Oriental and serfdom under him became more extensive. - This doesn't sound very romantic, does it? But then again, the way forward I was talking about earlier, is to learn from the lessons of your past life. And you can't do this if I feed you with a load of romantic nonsense because it sounds better than the possible realities. Do you understand?

So let's take a quick look at the Middle Ages in Great Britain, for instance. Now if you lived in this time - Around 1066 to 1485 - what might it have meant for you? Well, you might LIKE to imagine yourself as a traveller and maybe you were. But the main roads and highways weren't very well maintained, and travel by horse and carriage wasn't exactly 'luxurious' at this time. Indeed, it could be downright dangerous.

Now the travellers who were the safest from attack were those Pilgrims who travelled on foot because of their connection with religion. And that's the subject I want to turn to now. For it could be, I think, that if in a past life, the restrictions you felt weren't because of you being "under someone else's power", as it were, then it has possible religious implications. For instance - a travelling friar, carrying the word of God to outlying parishes.

Okay, I've given you an impression of the 'type' of life - the 'feel' of your life in the past. So what I want to do now is discuss how this might affect your current life. What lessons can you learn?

Well, if there was romance in your previous existence, it's possible that the emotional involvement could have been deeper. What I'm saying is that there may not have been the time or the opportunity to fully respect your partner's needs and feelings. And this suggests that in your life now, you must give more consideration to your relationships. Is it possible that you're allowing your life to travel down similar lines? Do you put your own needs before others? If so, then in the future, try to develop a deeper understanding, respect and appreciation of the needs and feelings of those around you. - This is one way in which you CAN move forward.

Also, let's consider your impulsive and often restless drive. If you can't channel your energy in positive directions, then all you're doing is wasting your time and wasting your energy. In short, this is going to lead you nowhere. What you must do, to get the best out of this, your PRESENT life, is to establish proper goals and directions. Then, work steadily towards these goals. - Don't give up at the first hurdle! - I hope this makes sense to you, and that it helps you on your way in this, the start of your new cycle of experience.   

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