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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
Have you ever wondered why you sometimes find it difficult to relax and simply 'be yourself'. Have you ever felt as if something strange and difficult to explain is somehow stopping you from being the person who you really are? Well, it could be that there's some residue of your past existence that is somehow affecting your present one. And we'll look into that later.

But what I really want to describe now, is the nature of the person you used to be in your previous existence. - There was something excitable about you. In this, I mean that you had quite a versatile, adaptable nature. You probably travelled quite a bit as you won't have been happy in the one spot for too long. And compared with your present life, your past one will have been quite exciting.

What I'm going to do now is give you an impression of your past life. I shall discuss how it might affect your current situation and then, more importantly, we'll look at ways in which you can overcome any obstacles that have been carried over by your previous existence.

There was something of a freedom-loving spirit to your past incarnation and you will have been a person who didn't really like other people telling you what to do. There was something of a waste of opportunities. - As if you may have missed out on educational, or learning - even religious or emotional experiences - due to a basic failure to settle down to anything resembling routine or convention. That's possibly why you're more careful about what you do now.

There's something also that seems important about your relationships with brothers, sisters or neighbours in your previous existence. It's possible that you were an only child and somewhat lonely. Or you were one of a very large family and in a similar way, there may have been an 'odd one out' feeling. As if there wasn't time for close relationships to develop. Because of this, there will be a strong family-feeling in your present life.

How can I describe the setting in which you lived? Well, I get the impression that it was very crowded so it's unlikely to have been in the country or by water. Indeed, it is possible that you love being near water - the sea, rivers, a lake - now simply because it gives you a feeling of spaciousness and freedom that you didn't enjoy in your previous existence. If you lived in the Middle Ages, it will have been within the city walls and there may have been links with trade and markets but again, there's that 'crowded', 'busy' kind of feeling which you tend to fight against nowadays.

Just as, in Tudor times, increasing trade and industry made town-life busier. You will have heard the sound of hammer upon anvil from dawn to dusk. Houses were built close together without the modern regard for hygiene and drainage. There will have been rushes or straw on the floor which were swept into the street when they became too dirty. This again, could be the reason why you're so house-proud in your present existence.

There was also writing ability in the past and links perhaps with people such as Gautier, a French critic and novelist of the mid eighteen hundreds. Incidentally, his romance "Mademoiselle de Maupin" caused quite a sensation at the time. Now I've mentioned a name, but it's important to remember that people weren't necessarily 'famous' in the past lives. What I'm trying to do, is give you an idea of the type of person you were, and the circumstances within which you lived.

So what lessons should you have learned from your past existence? Well, there was actually something quite scattered and fragmented to your last life. - As if you didn't really have the opportunity to lay down roots. Because of this, your family and ties with relatives are important now.

Also, despite your intelligence in your past life, you never really succeeded in anything definite. - What I mean by this is that you had a huge variety of interests but you never took the time to look more deeply into any. In this life then, you will be more specific about how you choose to spend your time. And no doubt, you'll be more determined too, to reach certain goals.

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