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CAPRICORN - December 22nd - January 20th
There was a lot of concern with justice in your past life and it's possible that this continues to influence you in some way. Certainly, you won't be a person who'd deliberately deceive or mislead. In your past life, you learned to appreciate fairness and the difference between right and wrong. In your current life, you will continue to put these lessons into practice.

Now there's quite a difference in your general outlook. In past incarnations, there will have been an adventurous tendency. You are likely to have travelled far and you will have come into contact with a number of different cultures, creeds and religions. - It is possible that you ended your past life as a very religious person. - And yet somehow, in this present incarnation, you may find it difficult to hold such a strong faith and confidence in the one doctrine.

Also, what's apparent is that you are a more negative person than you were before. You were more happy-go-lucky, courageous, bold and daring than you are now. Indeed, sometimes you may feel as if there is something in this life that's 'holding you back' and limiting you in some way. Whether this be responsibilities linked to your everyday affairs, or just a feeling that comes over you every once again, it could be that you are subconsciously comparing this life to the more swashbuckling adventures you have enjoyed in times gone by.

Although you're quite a practical and down-to-earth person, your past life was actually dominated by a religious or spiritual theme. You will have been quite adventurous and philosophical. There will have been a searching or questing nature to your past incarnations - a search for 'truth' as it were. Because of this, you'll come to be more positive about your own faith and beliefs in your current life.

Okay then, let's get away from all this 'spiritual' talk and we'll take a look at the possible circumstances of your past lives:

The area I'm most drawn to is religion and to beauty too. Perhaps taking you way back into the times of the ancient Egyptians. As it so happens, the Egyptians also believed in an after-life. Tombs were built for the Egyptians during their lifetime as they prepared for life after death. - The size and contents of the tombs depended upon their wealth and I think you will have been born of a wealthy, noble family.

I'm also drawn to Tudor times - years of extremes in Great Britain. There was a great deal of contention regarding religion and it could be that you were caught up in the religious struggles of that age.

There may have been links too, with St Joan of Arc, the girl whose heroism inspired the French to drive the English out of Orleans and enabled Charles to be proclaimed King at Rheims. Or perhaps Aristotle, the most famous of all the Greek philosophers who was a disciple of Plato. Aristotle later retired from Athens and undertook the education of Alexander who was afterwards to become known as Alexander the Great.

Of course, it's unlikely that you were anyone so famous. What I'm trying to do is give you an idea of the kind of person you were and the kind of circumstances in which you lived. There's even the likelihood that you were a monk or a nun, living and working, in ancient times, within the monastery or convent walls. - This would certainly have given you the religious enlightenment you were searching for at that time.
So what lessons might you have learned from your past incarnations? Well, you know now that there is more than one answer to questions regarding religion and the meaning of life. You will have come to understand that human beings are limited by their five senses and because of this, we can only go so far in our search for the Truth. You may find it difficult to devote yourself to one particular pathway because you realise that others are just as meaningful to those who follow them. But what's important is that ALL paths lead to the same destination.

What you must do in your life, is simply enjoy the journey. And you must of course, help those around you who don't have as deep an understanding or as profound a knowledge as yourself!   

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