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GEMINI - May 22nd - June 21st
You have a versatile and adaptable nature. But sometimes, there might be an unconscious feeling of repression. - As if you shouldn't be doing what you feel inspired to do - as if something is holding you back? Do you get what I mean?

The reason for this is that your past life was dominated by a feeling of 'restriction' but the restriction I'm talking about isn't due to a limiting set of circumstances. It was more: something that was 'inside' you. - How can I explain this further? - Well, your personality was more cautious and a lot less lively than it is now. You will have been more concerned with security, stability and future safety. And this is bound to in some way touch your present life.

So, what I'm going to do now is give you an impression of your past life. I shall discuss how it might affect your current situation and then, more importantly, we'll look at ways in which you can overcome any obstacles that have been carried over by your previous existence.

It is possible that in the past, you worked on the land or you were perhaps in trade. Going back to the Middle Ages for instance, the cloth trade will have been an important industry and it could be that your work involved carding, spinning, weaving and the like. Such work would have been carried out in your own home, something which strongly relates to your past life. - As there will have been a strong family bond and an important association with your home.

As well as your careful nature, there will have been good mathematical ability and possible links with the famous architect and mathematician Sir Christopher Wren who rebuilt St. Paul's and Hampton Court, and planned a new London after the great Fire in 1666. Now I've mentioned a famous name here, and I don't want you to get this wrong. Often, when people think of past lives, they might associate themselves with someone famous. What I'm trying to do is give you an impression of the type of person you may have been, or the kind of circumstances you will have lived through.

Money and material possessions will have been important to you, and here possibly, there are some links with the aristocrats who in the days of the old French monarchy farmed certain taxes, agreeing to pay the Government a fixed sum yearly, on condition that they collected the taxes themselves.

So, unlike your present life, you were quite materialistically minded in the past. You will have been attracted to wealth and because of this, there's the chance you could have married even, for monetary gain. If you were female in a past life, I can almost visualize you now, in a Jane Austin's novel. - You'll have been well aware of the necessities of securing for yourself a wealthy husband, but at the same time, there'll have been a feeling of subconscious anger at the limitations and restrictions of the female role in society at that time.

This could be the reason, do you think, that you're so freedom loving and independent, in your present life? It must seem quite progressive as compared with the past.

What also seems likely is that whether you were male or female in your previous existence, there was too high an emphasis on security and material possessions and this may have led to a lack of fulfilment in other areas. - There may have been marriage, for instance, but a marriage of convenience rather than love. - There may also have been security and stability but a lack of excitement and actual pleasure.

What lessons should you have learned from your past existences?

Well, you weren't such an adaptable person before, you know! Indeed, once you made your mind up in your past life, no-one could talk you out of it. You were INCREDIBLY stubborn but you will also have learned, that being so dogmatic doesn't necessarily get you anywhere. That's why, in this life, you're more versatile and adaptable. Where you used to hate change, now you quite like variety. Where you preferred routine and security, now you're quite happy to 'go with the flow'. So, in a way, there are lots of areas from your past life, that help make you the person you are now. And of course, you're likely to keep on learning, with every new experience!   

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