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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
You are quite a philosophical and even spiritual person. And this is because you've travelled far, in your journey through various incarnations. You have seen much and you have developed wisdom which even in this life, can be of help to those who aren't as perceptive as you happen to be.

Your last life will be the one that has the most affect on this present one and there will be a few traits that come through from this. There was a love of mystery and intrigue and although you perhaps won't be as consumed by this as you were before, there may still be an interest in religion, culture and the mysteries of life.

It is possible that in your last life, you will have become fixed into a certain pathway. You will have delved deeply into an area in which you were hoping to find a meaning and purpose. In this life, however, you will be more versatile and open-minded. You have learned, through past incarnations, that there is not just ONE path that leads to the ultimate truth. Your goal can be achieved in a number of ways and in this life, you will experiment and enjoy a variety of different experiences.

There are possible links with Buddhism - the religion that has come out of the views taught and held by Buddha. This doesn't however, place you in any particular place as it is the religion of quite a good percentage of the world including Ceylon, China, Tibet and Asia.

You will have been deeply philosophical and quite clever too. There may have been something about you that set you aside from others. The names that spring to mind are Nostradamus or Michel de Notre Dame, the French astrologer of the early fifteen hundreds. However, in mentioning names, this is just to give you an idea of the kind of person I'm talking about. I'm not suggesting that you WERE those folk!

Now the next thing I'm going to say really sounds quite romantic, but it probably wasn't at the time. And that is the possibility of your having led a double-life. It's as if for one set of people, you were a 'normal' everyday kind of person and yet, there were other goings-on in your life that only a selected few knew about. Of course, on the negative side, this could suggest some kind of criminal activity. But, more likely is the chance that you were a spy, perhaps. - Or a member of the Secret Service. - Something secretive and really quite intriguing!

Now because there's such an air of intrigue and mystery, darkness and secrecy associated with past incarnations, I get the impression that in this life, you're a far more relaxed, open and straight-forward person. It's as if you've shaken off all the seriousness and secrecy of your past life and all you want to do now, is get as much out of life as you possibly can.

The other thing that seems apparent is that there was a great deal of confusion, mistrust, suspicion and even resentment in your past life with the possibility of an untimely death.

What is it then, that you might have learned from your past incarnations? Well I think that you are more easy-going now. And you need more freedom to be yourself than you perhaps were allowed in the past. You will have learned that some people aren't as honest and open as they first appear. Strangely enough, this makes you VERY straight-forward with others in this life. You know what it is to put your trust in someone, only for them to let you down. And because of this, you tend to be quite honest and upright in your social dealings in this life.
Even in your love-relationships in past incarnations, there will have been a degree of secrecy or suspicion. And again, this inspires you to be quite frank and open towards your love-relationships in this life.

There was such a seriousness about you in the past that you will have found it difficult to 'let go' and relax. - Always, as it were, having to watch your back. - And that's why this is likely to be a less restrictive and more relaxed life than the ones that have gone before.   

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