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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd
What comes through from your past life is a sense of appreciation for artistic things. Indeed, I think you were incredibly talented in some way in your previous incarnation. BUT you were never to receive reward or recognition for your work. - Now this wasn't ALL down to your circumstances. The reason certain goals were never achieved was because you perhaps failed to have proper direction. You may have wasted a lot of time in pursuing areas - such as pleasure, enjoyment and personal satisfaction - that you were never to make the achievements you were actually capable of.

And that's why in this life, you're so serious about the things you do. You'll put so much effort and dedication into whatever takes your interest. So if, in your past life, you failed to reach your goals. You'll be doing all you can in your current life, to avoid making similar mistakes.

What I'm going to do now is give you an impression of your past life. I shall discuss how it might affect your current situation and then, more importantly, we'll look at ways in which you can overcome any obstacles that have been carried over by your previous existence.

One of your strongest concerns, in your past life was with your relationships. There will have been such a strong need for harmony and happiness. But I think that possibly, there will have been some disappointment, deceit or disgrace which also had to be endured.

Now it's difficult to say whether you were the injured or the guilty party. But it does seem that the lesson you've learned from your past incarnations leaves you feeling a strong sense of honesty, loyalty and sincerity towards your loved-ones in this life.

There was something quite dignified about you in the past. I can see you now in formal dress in the Victorian times. This is an age where formal clothes were worn for sport, golf or even a cycle ride. Even children were dressed formally for play. I think, then, that there is the possibility that you will have lived in these times. And if so, what might you have been doing? Well, perhaps you were a member of an eminent family and you were able to indulge your artistic talents without worry of having to earn a living. - There may also have been an enjoyment of gambling! - You will have lived in a large house with many servants. I also get the impression of lots of gleaming silverware and china surrounding you. - This could, perhaps influence a desire to collect such objects in this life.

Now I don't like to mention names as that instantly brings up the idea of people having been famous in the past. But what I'm trying to do is give you an idea of the kind of person you may have been.
So, going further back in time, there may have been links with someone like the Greek 'Homer' of around 850 BC. Tradition connects his name with great poems such as Liad and the Odyssey. Or what about Michelangelo, the renowned Italian painter, sculptor, architect and poet? His genius was such a power in beatifying the churches of Rome and Florence. - these are the kind of people you may have been in ONE of your past incarnations. - I say 'one' here because I get the impression that there are many.

Now let's get on to the lessons you might have learned from your past lives. Well, I want to talk now about your MOST RECENT past existence. And I think that because you have experienced the lack of fulfilment or personal satisfaction in a life in which 'wealth and luxury' was practically handed to you on a plate, you are now more serious. Your achievements in life must now come from your own efforts. And in this, you will be determined and dedicated. You do nothing by halves and you are serious about everything you do.

Also, when it comes to your relationships, it could be that you were a bit of a philanderer in a past existence. You will have been quite handsome and you will have had many admirers. In this life, you are more loyal in your partnerships. You don't enter into relationships lightly and you rarely let anyone down. You have learned a lot about existence on a material level but I think that in this life, you will be experiencing things on a more spiritual plain.   

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