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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Believe it or not, you were completely different in your past life to the person you are now. How is this? - you might be wondering. Well, let me tell you.

There was something so impulsive, restless and even impatient to your past life. It's as if you wanted to cram as much experience as possible into that existence. This suggests that you could have been an adventurer, an explorer, a pirate or a pioneer. Yes, I can see you now as a trailblazer, exploring places no man - or woman - had ever been to before!

Now I know that this isn't easy to believe. You probably expected me to describe some cautious, stable, settled kind of lifestyle, didn't you? And it's difficult to imagine how the person you 'are now' has developed from that person 'you used to be'. So what I'm going to do now is give you an impression of your past life. I shall discuss how it might affect your current situation and then, more importantly, we'll look at ways in which you can overcome any obstacles that have been carried over by your previous existence.

Okay then? So, let's go back, for example to Victorian times. How might life in the late 1800's have affected you? Well, it could be that you were a seaman although somehow I don't get a lot of impression of water unless perhaps through emigration to Australia or New Zealand. - No? - Well, if that doesn't trigger any sense of familiarity, somehow your adventuresome spirit will have found other channels for instance as an explorer, mapping the jungle or as a pioneer opening up early communications with roads and railways.

Now whenever people think of past-lives they often see themselves as having been someone famous, but that's unlikely to be the case. Nevertheless, there could be links with such eminent folk, through your work at the time. For instance, you may have sailed with the navigator George Anson in the early seventeen hundreds. - He wrote a book "Voyage round the World" and rose to full Admiral's rank in the Navy. - There may also have been associations with St Louis, king of France; the crusader and peace-maker who fulfilled the medieval ideal of the knightly king.

The picture I am trying to build here, is that of a person who wasn't afraid to take risks or even put his life in peril. You lived for excitement and adventure but the type of adventure you experienced will have, of course, depended upon the time in which you lived. There was something a little 'selfish' about your nature I have to say but this wasn't intentional. It's just that you will have been so concerned with your own aims and ambitions that you sometimes forgot to take the needs of your loved-ones at that time into consideration.

Which suggests that your relationships may not have been as fulfilling as they could have been. Indeed, I get the impression that they just weren't an important aspect of your previous existence.

So, what lessons should you have learned from your past life or lives? Well, so far you're quite new on the road of a new cycle of karma. In your past life, there was lots left undone and many goals were unachieved. Because of this, you may be more determined and even resourceful in this life. As well as this, you won't be a person to start anything unless you intend to finish it.

In your past life you had quite a fiery nature and, I must say, quite a fiery temper too! Now this shouldn't be so apparent in your present life. It's as if you 'got it all out your system' as it were, in your previous existence. And now it takes quite a lot before you get really angry. But, when you do blow, it's like a volcano erupting! What you seemed to have learned from past incarnations, is that unless your energy is channelled in positive ways, it's plain and simply wasted.

Then, there's also the subject of 'relationships'. As I've already said, this area of your life wasn't a 'strong point' in the past. And that's why your loved-ones are so important to you now. In this life, there will be loyalty, faithfulness and respect of the ones you love. But, there's also a bit of a possessive streak which could perhaps stem from the fact that you don't want to lose something you now treasure and enjoy, especially since you never got to experience such a 'complete' and 'fulfilled' feeling in any of your lives before!   

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