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AQUARIUS - January 21st - February 19th
Success lies in recognizing your true potentials and understanding how other people see you. Yours is a kind and humanitarian character though it has to be said that you can, at times, be rather distant and unpredictable!

You love meeting new people and you enjoy your involvements in group or team work. You will gladly give your help to others but you prefer not to become too personally committed. This is actually why membership of groups and clubs suit you best for in this way you can meet and communicate with others, yet still, to a certain extent remain detached.

It seems to be a bit of a contradiction but on saying how important your friendships are to you, of equal priority will be your personal independence. In fact, there is such a strong need for freedom that you are capable of making great sacrifices for it. Even to the point of rejecting intimate relationships that may become to tying.

Because of this seeming contradiction, others may find you difficult to understand. It is probably impossible for anyone to admit to truly knowing and understanding you inside and out. However, no matter what others might think, their attitudes probably won't be bothering you too much.

You are forward-looking and will favour change that will bring improvements into your environment. You wouldn't think twice about instigating changes to overcome circumstances that seem too static or slow in making progress.

Now do you really know your positive traits? For instance, although you value you freedom, you are nevertheless faithful, sincere and loyal to your friends. You are respected in your social world and will have a wide variety of acquaintances from all different sectors of life.

You have an enquiring mind and love to invent things. Some of your ideas might never get off the ground but others are really quite brilliant.

You have a strong need to set the world to rights. In this, you must rise above your own personal needs and interests to truly give yourself to others.

You have a charming and attractive personality and flattery will get you everywhere!

And what about your weaknesses? Would you agree that stubbornness is perhaps your major drawback. You are so convinced that your opinions are right that when others disagree, you can't understand why they can't see your point of view. In most areas you have a 'live and let live' attitude but there are times when you can be a bit too opinionated!

You prefer mental to physical pursuits. This isn't a weakness as such but certainly you aren't the type to be happy with a spade in your hand helping to dig ditches! If possible, you'd prefer to opt out of anything too physically demanding to continue to pursue your other interests.

You have big ideas but you must be prepared to summon up the energy and willpower to put them to practical use.

You support change especially change for the better. However, there are times you may put these into action without consulting others. People sharing your world may not be ready to accept your forward-looking ideas and you should approach them to consider their thoughts.

You could become rebellious if people don't accept your ideas. Try to keep your mind open to other peoples points of views.

In a moment, I shall give you a few tips on how to get onto the road to triumph. But first, what's the key to your success. Well, most happiness will come through your relationships with friends and associates. You like to be needed by others and will be successful in helping them.

You can be successful in partnerships for you have a strong sense of cooperation as well as being enterprising.

You can think rapidly and have the ability to act when other people are still thinking things over. In this way, you'll be able to grab the best opportunities.

You are willing to take an open mind to every aspect of life and nothing surprises you.

You have a good deal of courage and daring and you can be persistent in anything that captures your interest. You were born under an Air sign which makes you a dreamer. However you do have the power to make many of your dreams come true.

And now for some quick tips for a more successful way of living:

1. When you can share your interests and ideas with your friends and loved ones, you'll be in your element. Your need for friendship should never be denied.
2. You have a vivid imagination. A little determination could make many of your dreams come true.
3. Put your inventive and forward-looking mind to good use to bring improvements into your lifestyle.
4. Your support in humanitarian and green issues will be rewarding - not only to yourself.
5. You can be amazingly dogmatic! Sometimes your strong points of view can stir up much discord but you might not have considered what the results of this could be.
6. There is no sign more unpredictable than an Aquarius. To try to pigeon-hole yourself into a particular 'type' would be a waste of talent.   

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