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ARIES - March 21st - April 20th
Born under a Fire sign, you're an impulsive person but this is a key point to your personality so don't be ashamed of it. - And don't let others pull you down because of this. Instead, think of all the ways in the past AND in the future, in which your impetuosity has come in - and will come in - useful.

Granted, it probably won't go down so well in your personal relationships when rash decisions could sometimes lead to later regrets. In business however, when quick thinking and fast action could be the 'make or break' of a person, your positive approach and intuitive responses will take you far.

You are a born leader. You're wonderful in getting things started; never lost for ideas and able to inspire others with your confidence and enthusiasm. You're ambitious too - your courageousness and positive energy making an ideal recipe for success.

But is there a flaw? Have you not yet attained those goals you're working towards? Then this could be due to a number of reasons. Perhaps the right opportunity hasn't yet arrived in which case you'll be ready to grasp the chance to better yourself - with both hands - as soon as it does so.

However, there's also the 'small' problem in that PERSEVERANCE is not one of your strongest qualities is it? And so, if you're going round in circles, getting nowhere very fast (and you do prefer 'fast results') then developing a little PATIENCE and STAYING POWER might not only gain you greater rewards but should also ( - and do please consider this important point carefully) prevent you from building a reputation for being unreliable.

Do you really know yourself? Could you tell me for instance the stronger points of your personality? In a moment I'll give you a few tips towards a more successful way of living, but listen as I tell you that your strength lies in your initiative and independence.

You aren't afraid to 'have a go' at almost anything. You're adventurous, courageous, ambitious and most of all, you LOVE A CHALLENGE. You're outgoing, with an abundance of self-confidence and that makes you one of the doers of this world.

You rarely hesitate that you'll miss opportunities through holding back. You aren't easily contented that you could find yourself stuck in one particular rut.

You're far too restless and ambitious to ever stand still for very long and one of your essential needs is for CHALLENGE and STIMULATION to be a part of your everyday life, both at home, and at work.

But do your know your weaknesses? Do you realise that although your impulsiveness can be an asset, it can however get the better of you at the wrong moment, leading to much confusion. For instance, in your love-life try not to make commitments you may later regret. Be sure you're really certain before making any serious decisions.

You can be quite accident-prone, and maybe there's no way out of that one! Nevertheless it won't go amiss to take care when driving or using machinery.

Now when it comes to spending, you should also take more care. You can be quite extravagant and impulsive in expenditure that it might take someone close to you, who you can trust, to do your 'saving' for you.

You have a passionate nature but you should always guard against allowing your emotions to rule your head.

So what's the key to your success? It's in recognising your subconscious needs and developing a lifestyle which provides this inner fulfilment. - Whether a home, at work, in your love-life or your social relationships, you will always be on the look-out for something new and stimulating.

If you're unhappy, then you are bored. There's too much routine and not enough challenge in your life.

Could I also suggest that you develop the art of patience. - In finishing what you start BEFORE moving on to something else, you'll be able to boast far more successes through tangible results than you would if (as you so often do) you lose interest halfway through!

And lastly, as I mentioned earlier, I'm going to give you six tips towards a more successful way of living. Follow these and you'll be taking the first steps towards success:

1. By all means enjoy your adventuresome tendencies but risky or hazardous exercises should be avoided.
2. Count to ten before 'letting your emotions get the better of you'. Weigh up a situation first instead of acting on impulse.
3. Arrange some time to solely relax. Don't burn yourself out through your enthusiasm and ambition.
5. Your strong imagination and leadership qualities are an inspiration to all. Not everyone, however, feels as strongly competitive as yourself.
6. You're a born fighter and you have within you, the power to make your life successful through patience, determination and successful thinking.   

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