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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
Cancer, do you really know yourself? Success lies in recognising your true potentials. Now yours is actually a difficult character for others to understand and bear with. At your best you are kind and helpful, thoughtful and understanding. But you can also, for no apparent reason, be bad-tempered and moody.

Born under a Water sign makes you very sensitive and emotional. And that's where many of your strengths but equally, many of your weaknesses will lie.

You are a person who likes to be behind-the-scenes rather than at the fore-front of all that's going on.

You like a certain amount of routine but you must be careful that life offers some type of change or challenge. Otherwise you could get to feel rather bored.

Because you aren't a particularly confident person, do you realise your strengths and talents? For instance you will seldom gamble unless you are in a financially secure position but even then you would not do so in excess. You have a deep sense of responsibility towards others and can be relied upon to pay your debts - as you would expect those sharing your world to do the same.

You have great tenacity. Once you get your claws into something, you won't let go. Your sensitiveness helps you understand and relate to those around you while your protective instincts make you shine above all others when you will generously look after and help people.

You have a very good memory and excellent intuition.

You have an active imagination and enjoy looking back into the past. There is an excellent ability to build up mental pictures and this can enable you to bring improvements into your environment.

But what about your weaknesses? - Now don't say you haven't any because admit it, you do have a tendency to worry but you could hug your cares to yourself. You might find it easier if you could talk your problems over with others. Here also, your strong imagination can be an asset, providing a release from the trials and tribulations of everyday living.

Because of your emotional sensitivity, you will easily be hurt. Be careful however that moodiness does not cause conflict in your relationships. While it would take you an awful long time to get over a relationship break-up.

You have a supersensitive emotional nature yet unthinking comments and harsh words could also upset your friends. You would not take their criticism well and this could lead to vicious circles.

In a moment I'm going to give you a few tips to get you onto the road of triumph, but what's the key to your success? Well, you are lucky to be a member of a very successful sign. Your strong need for security ensures that you won't gamble away your hard-earned cash. You have a good business mind, especially in professions that involve research, trading and organization.

You know how to keep a secret. Your ability to work quietly behind the scenes will get you where you want to be, without others even realising you are around!

A happy and harmonious family life will give you most pleasure and happiness.

You can be restless but this may not have any positive direction. Try to curb a desire for change when your instincts are telling you that it may not do you any real good.

Above all, avoid jealousy and mistrust.

Once you have a goal in mind, you have the tenacity and determination to reach it. Even your tendency to be changeable won't divert you from your main aims.

And now, for those tips I promised you. Follow these and you should bring more confidence, optimism and success into your life.

1. Sometimes you could be too sensitive for your own good. Don't let your imagination get the better of you when you start preying on imagined slights.
2. Sometimes it will pay to keep your feelings to yourself. Others often find it difficult to understand your moodiness.
3. Have more confidence in your abilities and don't take everything everyone tells you so much to heart.
4. As hard as you want to cling to those you love, give them some breathing space.
5. Your first loyalty is to your family. You are most secure and therefore at your best, when enjoying a stable and harmonious love-life.
6. Your instincts are good but don't mistake emotional reaction for intuition. You musn't allow your heart to rule your head.   

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