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GEMINI - May 22nd - June 21st
You were born under an Air sign and that makes you intelligent, active and very versatile. You have a talent with words and could probably take up either side of an argument or debate and win it! - You are the type of person who could bluff your way out of awkward situations for when the need arises, you have the gift of the gab!

Success is recognising your talents, needs and potentials. You will be always on the go, and are usually doing more than one thing at once. This is a particularly important part of your nature for you need variety and change. It would be unwise to allow anyone to hinder this.

You have a vivid imagination but you should take care that this doesn't turn you into too much of a dreamer. Otherwise you could become hurt and disappointed when your schemes don't work out.

You are willing to try your hand at anything. All things interest you and your curiosity is fed through learning and travel. The more experience you get out of life, the happier you will be. There is however the danger of spreading yourself too thinly when you might get to know a little about many subjects but not a lot about any!

Soon I shall give you a few tips which will help towards a more successful way of living. But first I must ask you, do you know your strong points?

Do you realise that your strength lies in your versatility and willingness to accept whatever comes your way. You take life as it comes and won't usually build your hopes up too high. If you do ever fail, you will probably accept this as a matter of course. - You'll decide the project probably wasn't worth bothering about and anyway, you'll have plenty more irons in the fire.

You have a quite brilliant mind and you know how to use it to your best advantage. You notice everything that's going on around you and are quick to pick up on new opportunities. You like to be on the go and because of this, you'll probably have a variety of travel and life experiences to fall back on.

You will go out of your way to make life as interesting as possible.

Now in realising - and admitting to - your weaknesses, you stand better chance to do something about them, don't you? -

Your versatility is to be admired, but on the negative side you can be inconsistent and changeable. You are interested in a variety of subjects but you are often content with just a surface knowledge. To dig any deeper may take too much self-discipline - something that isn't really your strong point.

You probably feel guilty about it every time, but you are prone to forgetting your promises.

While you do so love to flirt don't you? But this could cause problems in your relationships, especially when flirting isn't always enough!

In a moment I'll give you some ways in which you can improve your success potentials but what's the key to your success? Well, your intellect is your strongest point. You have good powers of observation and are perceptive. You will quickly recognise interesting opportunities and won't hesitate to grasp these with both hands.

You enjoy popularity, where you can use your excellent ability at conversation and debate. You are sociable, charming and intuitive and it will often be through your friendship and business contacts that you will find new openings.

Variety is the spice of life but sometimes you never hang around long enough to take it all in. Slow down, find something that really grasps your interest and see how long you can stick at it, without getting bored.

If you aren't happy in your current environment then there is not enough stimulation. Routine and order get you down. You need change, and most of all you need to constantly feed your inquisitive mind. New people, new places, something to keep you constantly occupied will suit you best. Without variety and even a degree of excitement, life just won't give you the kick you really need to get out of it.

Now I'm going to give a few guidelines which, if you follow, should lead to a more successful way of living.

1. You have a wonderfully inquisitive mind but sometimes your interests are spread a bit thin on the ground. Find a subject that truly fascinates you ... and stick with it!
2. Learn to relax. You can get so highly strung and restless that this could lead to bouts of insomnia. You need to switch your over-active mind off every once in a while.
3. Pay attention to what other people have to say. - You're a great talker but sometimes you forget to listen.
4. You should try to stick to your opinions. People may get confused when you keep changing your mind.
5. Have patience with those who aren't as quick-thinking as yourself.
6. A little staying-power would do you a lot of good!   

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