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LEO - July 24th - August 23rd
There is really nothing difficult or complicated about your nature is there? You are the boss; the leader. You know that you have strong leadership qualities and are a good organizer. Often you could organize other peoples' lives better than themselves, and if they accept your good advice, all will be well.

Surprisingly enough, you ARE quite sensitive and easily hurt. Of course, your pride would never let those around you realise this. But, if you are really angered, you will put on the full regal act to make sure that whoever upset you, won't try the same trick again.

Now the reason I've given you that quick summary of your personality is because success comes through knowing yourself inside and out. Know your good points and admit to your weaknesses. For instance, you can be quite stubborn, can't you? Opinions formed from an early age will stay with you for ever. Sometimes you can be too dogmatic and you should aim to be more open-minded.

Basically though, I think you should probably already have a very good idea of your strengths. You are positive, outgoing and you have a great deal of confidence in yourself. You like to do everything in a big way and you will make sure you get the best of everything. But this isn't a selfish attitude - you want those around you to share your good fortune too.

You are affectionate and popular. Your popularity will help you succeed in your aims. Your ambitions aren't little ones. But you have every chance of reaching your goals through your positive thinking and determination.

You are proud of your accomplishments and aren't afraid to blow your own trumpet. In this way, others notice you, and they'll remember you too, when your talents are needed.

Others know they can depend on you and that you are trustworthy. You can handle a good deal of responsibility and cope well in leadership roles.

Soon I shall give you some guidelines on how to live more successfully but first of all, will you admit to your weaknesses? For as generous and confident as you are, you do have your faults. For instance, you probably don't mean to do so, but you can be interfering and dogmatic. You are fixed in your opinions and may not like to change your mind. However, you should make it a point to regularly revise your thoughts, to make sure you ARE being fair.

Your need to be the centre of attraction could get out of hand when you will constant look for applause and complements from others to help booster your confidence. You don't need to exaggerate your good points to make you look good. - Just be yourself and others will appreciate you.

You like to have your own way at all times and this can create unpleasant scenes.

What then, is the key to your success? Listen carefully when I say that you could never be satisfied in a back seat role. You need to be in the limelight and at the centre or the forefront of everything that's going on. You also like to be appreciated for what you are doing for everyone.

You need to express your natural exuberance and enthusiasm for life. Your sunny disposition brings happiness to many peoples' lives. It's almost as if this is your mission and you'll be at your best when seeing others smile.

If you are unhappy, you do not have enough challenge or stimulation in your life. You will suffer enormously in work you find dull or boring. While if people in superior positions aren't as intelligent or as well-organized as yourself, either they will have to go - or you will!

You are generous and understand other people. You also have deep insight into what motivates them, which will keep you one step ahead of your associates.

And now, as promised, I'm going to give you a few guidelines to observe which will help you towards following a more successful lifestyle.

1. A confident and courageous spirit gives you the nerve to do anything which you feel is going to bring you success and happiness. Singing your own praises too loudly may however start getting other peoples backs up.
2. You love to manage and organize things and need to feel in control of every situation. There'll not be enough room for two at the top of your world, so if anyone tries to supersede your decisions, one of you will have to get off the stage!
3. You are warm, generous and giving. Making others happy will give you a lot of satisfaction.
4. You love to love and to be loved. You will be at your peak of the happiness scales when you have a large following of loyal friends.
5. Be sure you don't over-indulge in the good things of life. Eating and drinking too much could lead to obesity in later life.
6. You have a taste for power and are always on the lookout for more. Your hardworking nature does however need SOME relaxation. - Yes, even those born under the Fire signs need some time off every once in a while!   

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