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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd
It is important that, in all areas of your life, you are able to express yourself and you feel that others will accept and welcome you into their world.

You are intelligent with a strong desire to learn. You learn quickly but you should take care not to miss small but important details in your keenness. You are particularly good at analyzing what is going on in society around you.

You have an individual nature and will dislike attempts by others to intrude upon your private thoughts and actions.

Very rarely do you express your anger. But when you do so, no-one will be left unscathed! You'll leave nothing unsaid and won't hesitate to bring up past misunderstandings either. Nevertheless, your anger will die as quickly as it appeared and such occasions aren't good for your health.

You like to take your time when it comes to decision making. One of the reasons you take so long to make up your mind is because you are looking at all sides of an issue. But this makes it all the more difficult to reach a conclusion. You must try not to be swayed by the views of people around you for your strong intuition will pick up on these, and be sure to stand on your own two feet.

Success lies in understanding your true potentials. Can you really say you know yourself inside and out? For instance, do you know your strong points? Your strengths lie in your many talents and abilities. You are intelligent, imaginative, creative and artistic. You find no problems learning and easily adapt to new situations.

You get on well with people. You are a popular and well-liked person and if ever you need support from family and friends, they would back you with little hesitation.

You are honest and just and will seek to bring equality into your environment. You continually strive to treat others fairly and will encourage them to do the same.

You are perceptive and intuitive. You will often form an instant opinion on someone you meet though, for the life of you, you couldn't say why. Nevertheless, your instincts are often right.

Now before I tell you the key to your success, will you admit to your weaknesses? Do you agree with me when I tell you that you have quite a sensitive emotional nature but your responses can depend upon the mood you're actually in at the time. Others might find this confusing.

You have a vivid imagination and will enjoy your daydreams. Take care, however, that because of this, you don't become disillusioned with reality. Use your imagination practically and it will help you conjure up ways to help you progress through life.

You can sometimes break with a project or idea before it is finished. Then at other times you show excellent ability to concentrate. If you take time to think over your impulses before acting on them, you might not always be so hasty for action.

In romance, you should guard against the possibility of falling in love with love in your desperate need to share your life with another.

Soon I shall give you a few clues on how to bring more fulfilment into your life but first of all, how do you find success? Well, the key to your success is in recognising your subconscious needs and developing a lifestyle which provides this inner-fulfilment.

Your charm gives you grace and you express yourself well. You like to have many friends and have a strong desire to be popular. There is a special need for companionship in order to feel fulfilled.

Your instincts are usually right, and these will help you to make decisions when you become mentally bogged-down with details.

You will like to express yourself through your creativity. If you can put your talents to good use in your career you will feel fulfilled.

When you are mixing and mingling with others and when you feel you have their approval, you'll be very content with your lot.

Finally, a permanent emotional relationship where give and take are well balanced is an absolute essential if you are to be truly happy.

Now, some tips to help you find more fulfilment.

1. Don't ponder over things for too long otherwise by the time you make up your mind you will find that the offer no longer exists.
2. There's no harm in day-dreaming but you should always be able to differentiate between dreams and reality.
3. A sense of purpose would help keep you on the road to specific goals.
4. Courage and determination aren't your strong points. - Cultivate these.
5. Keeping others from knowing the truth just to keep the peace often has a way of bouncing back on you. - Aim to keep everything above board.
6. You have a love of beautiful things. However a life-time of over-indulgence will in the long-run leave a big gap in the fulfilment scales.   

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