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PISCES - February 20th - March 20th
Success lies in the basic framework of your personality. You must be prepared to cultivate your strong points and conceal your weaknesses. You have great compassion. This brings out your kind, generous and patient spirit. Emotionally, you are extremely sensitive to what others say and to the general attitude of those around you.

You are extremely imaginative and will be able to understand the difficulties and hardships in other peoples' lives by putting yourself into their shoes. You have the ability to relieve the suffering of others, either practically through nursing and caring for people, or in a more remote sense such as through prayer, meditation or spiritual healing.

Your charming personality, good sense of humour and kindness will lead you into all sorts of opportunities. You truly enjoy helping others and would gladly devote yourself to helping someone in need with no thought of personal reward. You will get a lot of pleasure through working and supporting Charities.

You love to be near the sea. In times of stress you might find that being close to water will calm you.

You can compare your emotions with those of the sea with its hidden depths, strong currents, moments of absolute calm and others of raging storms.

Because you aren't a one to sing your own praises, do you really recognise your strengths? You aren't a lazy person, are you? You're always on the go in a restless kind of way. You enjoy giving others support and work well behind-the-scenes.

You are not selfish either. - You are actually very easily contented. You don't ask for too much out of life and won't boast about your accomplishments.

You have wonderful talent in art, music or handicrafts. You might even find you will be able to weave a career around your special abilities.

Your strong intuition helps you understand the thoughts and feelings of those in your environment. Instead of allowing these to influence your own decisions, you could use this talent to your advantage by working out the motivations behind other peoples actions.

As much as you are easily influenced by those sharing your world, you still have a lot going for you. You can be extremely determined - still waters run very deeply - and if you do decide you are going to reach a certain goal, no matter what, then there's every chance you will succeed.

Now maybe you don't see it as a weakness, but emotionally, you are quite sensitive to what others say, and to the general attitude of those around you. You will soak in the thoughts and feelings of friends, family and acquaintances like a sponge soaks up water. These are bound to sometimes influence you. Make it your intention to stand on your own two feet at all times.

Above all, don't allow others to take advantage of your caring nature.

You have a wonderful imagination and this will lead to day dreaming. You enjoy fantasy but you should not lose sight of reality. However, if you use your imagination in a practical way, it will encourage your good memory and keen intellect.

You are not so outgoing that you will push yourself upon people. But if you are reserved to the point of shyness, then take a deep look into yourself and then develop your good points: you are naturally charming and nice to know and there really is no reason to feel so bashful.

Now you need a sense of direction and this will keep you on the road to success. If you aren't sure where you're heading, then you'll never know if you get there!

Soon I shall give you a few tips on how to bring success into your life. But remember that you hold the key. You have a versatile nature and can adapt to changing situations. A more adventurous partner would not find you an encumbrance for instead of trying to pin your loved-one to the one spot, you will be happy to follow them around.

You have great faith in other people and appreciate kindness from others whether this is shown to you in thought or deed. If you build up your self-confidence you can be a very happy and successful person.

You are strongly intuitive. Your instincts will often lead you in the right direction.

Never underestimate your artistic and creative talents. Developing these could lead to wonderful achievements.

You are a spiritual person and may be able to develop psychic or mediumistic abilities. However, you should tread with caution if ever you enter that direction.

Now, as promised earlier, here are some quick tips that should get you on the road to success.

1. Your caring and understanding nature knows no bounds. Don't let others walk all over you because of this.
2. In times of stress, turn to your artistic or musical interests for relaxation.
3. Your intuition can pick up on the thoughts and feelings of those around you. - Be sure not to let this cloud your own decisions.
4. You should always aim to stand on your own two feet.
5. You will be at your best working quietly in the background.
6. Words of respect and appreciation from others will do a lot to boost your confidence in yourself.   

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