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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
Success lies in the basic framework of your personality. Be prepared to develop your strong points and do something about your weaker ones. You are a naturally serious thinker and will enjoy exploring interesting topics and storing your knowledge for when it might come in useful in the future.

You will endeavour to accomplish things which even you might think are beyond your capabilities. Then as soon as you've almost reached your goal, you'll be keen to get going on something else.

You are energetic and outgoing, with the ability to achieve your objectives with the power of positive thinking. You have quite a large amount of willpower and determination, but you are easy-going with this.

You value your independence. This need to feel free will bring an enjoyment for sport, especially pursuits which include movement through open country.

So, do you really know your strengths? Take advantage of your optimistic and positive thinking. You are a lucky person and help will always come to you, even if at the eleventh hour. You will come to trust that this will happen to you and you won't be afraid of taking a reasonable amount of risk.

You don't really let what other people are thinking bother you over much. Your independence sees to it that you will have to rely on no-one but yourself.

You have strong powers of intuition and are able, to a certain extent, to 'see into the future'. This is due to your ability to logically come to certain conclusions of what the consequences of certain actions should be.

You are versatile and adapt easily to change.

If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your life than perhaps it holds too much routine and not enough challenge. Without challenges and goals to aim for, you would not following your true potentials.

Your need for adventure and exploration will provide you with a wide variety of experiences, while this will also serve to push your mind wider and further. You are the 'eternal student' and will never tire of learning.

But what about your weaknesses? And admit it, everyone has them. Well, you need excitement, but perhaps you shouldn't be too quick to take leaps in the dark because of this. Calculated risks are more likely to bring you worthwhile rewards.

It might be ever so easy to turn your back on a problem, rather than see it through. If you take flight whenever you aren't happy about something, you may leave very few accomplishments behind you.

Your moods can be subject to change and there may be a degree of impulsiveness to your nature. A little staying-power would do wonders.

While your restlessness may get in the way of a more fulfilling lifestyle. In your continual quest to reach your ever changing goals, you may feel as if you will never find the ultimate happiness.

Soon I shall give you a few guidelines on how to bring more fulfilment into your life but first, what's the key to your success? Well you are a basically lucky person and you know it. You might often feel as if your guardian angel is watching over you. However, don't ever take your good luck for granted otherwise one day, you may fall flat on your face.

Your open mind, variety of experience and keen knowledge are your outstanding traits. Through putting these to good use in your everyday life, you will be on the road to success.

Religion and philosophy hold a huge amount of attraction. Diplomacy however, is needed in these subjects so as not to upset the more fanatical types. - You could learn a lot, and gain a good deal of wisdom through you research in these areas.

Your talent for positive thinking keeps you healthy in mind and body.

You must retain a degree of freedom. To have the choice to move in whichever direction you choose will be of paramount importance throughout you life.

And finally, because you have faith; you believe in yourself and your abilities, you have it within you to make outstanding progress. Yours is the type of faith that can move mountains!

Now some tips for a more successful way of living.

1. You have tremendous enthusiasm for life but don't rush into everything as if there were no tomorrow.
2. A routine life does nothing for you. You need change and variety in order to feel fulfilled.
3. Diplomacy can be useful at times. Outspoken statements at the wrong time and place could attract a lot of unnecessary contention.
4. Your imaginative stories are quite brilliant and you can keep everyone entertained. But in reality do you embroider the truth? Do people feel as if they can't really believe you?
5. Don't give false promises. This is no way to earn a reliable reputation.
6. Keep a tight hold on the purse strings for sudden losses or just as likely as sudden gains.   

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