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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Before I tell you the secrets to your success, let's take a look at your character because it's your innate qualities that make you the successful person you want to be.

You are a reliable and practical person. You may be slow to come to your decisions but that's no reason to let other more quick-thinking individuals push you. This is a key point to your personality when you may pick up on details that others may miss in their haste.

A feeling of security is important to you, and you will demand this in your home-life, career and marriage. You could however sabotage this by a sudden display of temper. - You may perhaps be slowly roused, but when you blow your top, everyone will know about it!

You should have excellent business sense, with the ability to make money - and hang on to it!

You are a home-loving person and will get a lot of enjoyment through your family activities. While you do like your times of absolute peace and quiet. You were born under an Earth sign, bringing a love of being out in the open air. You need moments of solitude in order to meditate and assure yourself you're still on the right path.

Soon I'll give you a few tips towards a more successful way of living, but first of all, do you really know your true strengths. For instance, have you recognised the value of your determination and reliability? - Just as trees become permanent features of the landscape, you need to have a feeling of belonging in your environment. Just as the trees are rooted in the soil, you are rooted in your ideas and opinions. This strength of character and purpose lets others know that they can depend on you for your honesty. There is no way you would ever go back on a promise.

Now it's hard to admit it, but we all have weaknesses. What's yours? Well, your determination helps you reach your goals. But your stubbornness is quite another thing. This can be an asset when you are standing up for your rights. But sometimes it can slow you down because you refuse to bend. If you can develop a more flexible and open-minded approach, you may find life a lot easier.

You like to know where you stand at all times, but you could become unduly upset by even the smallest deviation from the norm. Change isn't always however a bad thing, indeed it often leads to your future success.

So, after having said all that, what leads to your success? Well, the key to your success is in recognising your subconscious needs and developing a lifestyle which provides this inner-fulfilment.

Your persistence and determination carries you to your goals. Once you have made your mind about something you will work to accomplish whatever you have set out to do. There is very little that will divert you from your main aims.

Your will-power and self-sufficiency means you don't have to rely on anyone but yourself. You have the power within you to make your own destiny because you don't need anyone else's help or support. Indeed, you don't take too kindly to interference from others but now and again, it won't hurt to listen to what they have to say.

If you are unhappy then you must not be on the right path. Is there too much confusion in your life that you can't get your act together? Spend some time alone to consider your true hopes and wishes and then do something about this. If this means instigating change, you may be surprised at how quickly you'll settle into new routines.

And now I shall give you six tips for a more successful way of living. Follow these and you'll be on your way to a more fulfilling future.

1. You have great tenacity and a determination that can't be matched by many other signs. But do try to adjust to new situations so you won't let good opportunities pass you by.

2. Watch that stubbornness of yours. A more flexible attitude may ease difficult situations.

3. You enjoy material rewards above all else. But possessiveness and jealousy could be a problem in many areas of your life if you don't adopt a more lenient attitude.

4. If your job is fast-moving, requires instant decisions and speedy reactions, then get out of it. - It's not for you. - You are a person who should never be hurried.

5. You have good money sense and should build up quite a good sized nest egg for yourself in later years.

6. Curb your baser instincts! Over-indulgence in food and drink - or anything else for that matter! - could have negative consequences.   

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