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VIRGO - August 24th - September 23rd
Success comes through developing the positive traits of your personality. You are a hard worker. There's a strong practical streak to your personality and you have a great appetite for detail.

You thrive on constant activity, and have a lot of nervous energy to burn. Helping and giving service to others will give you enormous satisfaction.

As in your work, you are neat in dress. You present a smart and attractive appearance. Sometimes others feel as if you hold yourself aloof from them, but this is largely due to your naturally reserved qualities.

Your very good powers of observation make you notice the most minute details. In this aspect you must take care not to get so heavily involved with the small details that you lose track of the overall object.

You are honest, sincere, reliable, hard-working and trustworthy. You value, and have great respect for work. You find pleasure in ideas and observations, though perhaps you should guard against times when you may let personal prejudice influence your thinking.

You have excellent powers of analysis and keen perception. Your quick learning abilities are a great asset. While you are able to express your accumulated knowledge in both your social and business relationships.

Do you really recognise your strengths? Would you admit that your strengths lie in your down-to-earth and common-sense approach to most things in your life. You are a good organizer and won't abide mess or disorder.

Your attention to detail means that you'll never be fooled because You didn't read the 'small print'!

To know how, why, when and where is enormously important to your well-being. This makes you a wonderful researcher. You also have the ability to rid yourself of anything that is no longer useful so that your life won't become too cluttered.

Although, of course, your imagination can be used for daydreaming, you are basically a realistic and practical person. Therefore, you can also use your creative instincts to visualize improvements in the environment around you.

You are able to help others, through giving good advice and sharing your constructive ideas.

Nothing is ever too much to ask of you. You don't mind knowing that others trust and depend on you because there's nothing you like more than being of service to your friends and family.

But what about your weaknesses? On the road to success, recognizing these is just as important as knowing your good points.

You love to be on the go but the trouble is, you find it very difficult to let up. - Your ideas of relaxation seem like hard work to others! You really should try to relax and wind down in times of stress or strain.

You should try very hard to give your emotions more freedom of expression. If you could turn your splendidly analytical qualities inwards, you may find that your difficulties originate in an abnormal concern with small, unimportant details.

You can be critical of those you love. This is only because you want to point out their faults and make life more fulfilling for them. But they may not appreciate your concern!

Very soon I shall give you a few guidelines which will help to bring more fulfilment into YOUR life. But first, what's the key to your success? Well you aren't afraid of hard work and others can rely on you to carry out your obligations.

You aren't impulsive that you will rush in where angels fear to tread. Yours is a more cautious lifestyle and that's the way you like it.

You have good money sense and will always have something put by for that proverbial rainy day. You also know how to invest your money wisely. You seem to have good instincts when it comes to profitworthy schemes.

You like routine, and work which calls on your ability to cope with fine detail. You are at your best, as mentioned above, in supporting roles. Positions of leadership don't suit you at all.

Your eye for detail and keen sense of observation means it would be very difficult for anyone to lead you up the garden path. You might also notice the little things that others, in their haste, often miss.

Now, what about those clues to improve your lifestyle? How do you get onto the road to success, well listen carefully and I'll now tell you. -

1. Your motto may well be 'I serve' but don't let others take advantage of this devoted side of your nature.
2. Try to develop a wider and more flexible outlook. Sometimes you can be too narrow-minded for your own good.
3. You will get on better in your relationships if you don't split hairs. You can't help noticing other peoples' faults but don't keep telling them so!
4. You need routine, order and tidiness around you in order to feel fulfilled.
5. Your aim is towards perfection and each step nearer to this you get, will be a step of happiness.
6. The more secure your lifestyle, the more content you will be.   

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