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CAPRICORN - December 22nd - January 20th
Dec 22nd - 26th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Duty and he rules over morality and religion. You are practical and tenacious and you are willing to work hard to achieve the goals you set for yourself throughout your life. You respect authority and there is a strong sense of right and wrong. You have high moral values and a good deal of self confidence. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will follow your good judgement and stick to your principles in your search for truth and religion. You will never have a guilty conscience.

Dec 27th - 31st: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Modesty and he favours those who are reliable and humble in nature. You have a quiet and gentle personality. You know your limitations and you will choose paths, in life, that bring security and stability. You are generally calm and mild in behaviour with an inner strength that can take others by surprise. You are sensible and practical but you do appreciate the good things in life, too. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will find the confidence, courage and determination to make your dreams come true.

Jan 1 - 4th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Tolerance and he favours people who fight for the rights of those who cannot defend themselves such as animals and small children. You have a serious and methodical manner and strong powers of organisation. You are hard working and there must be a good reason for everything that you do. You are skilled with your hands and there may be artistic, scientific or mechanical ability. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will adjust to various circumstances throughout your life and you will know how to discipline yourself to shoulder your responsibilities.

Jan 5th - 9th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Tenacity he helps people obtain wisdom and knowledge. You have a logical and rational way of going about your business and no matter how many hurdles you must overcome, you rarely get discouraged. There is a quiet ambition to your nature that helps you achieve much. You are fair and impartial in your dealings and you relish a challenge. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will climb great heights of success.

Jan 10th - 14th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Fortune and he opens minds and hearts to new ideas. You have a serious nature and you like to delve deep into the subjects that stimulate your curious mind. You are a good leader and also, a good teacher. You have strong powers of self control and your aspirations are likely to be realistic. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will find success in all your undertakings and you will help others, to help themselves.

Jan 15th - 19th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Commitment. You move calmly through life with a strong sense of purpose. You have fixed goals and you will rarely deviate from the paths that you choose in life. You are dauntless in your aims. You are good with money and you have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will work hard and receive due reward and recognition for your efforts.


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