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GEMINI - May 22nd - June 21st
May 21st -May 25th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Skill and he aids reconciliation and encourages faithfulness in friendship. Your Angel helps you stand back from contentious or emotional situations so you can see things in perspective. You have a friendly and gracious personality with wonderful social skills. You are intuitive and imaginative and you have a gift for bringing people together to work towards a common goal. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will awaken seeds inside yourself that you haven't yet explored.

May 26th - 31st: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Justice and he supports fairness and impartiality. You have a way with words and you can be incredibly persuasive when you want to be. You have a strong sense of justice and you will fight for those who are being treated badly or unfairly. Your mind is objective and you will think in logical and rational ways. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will be able to make other peoples' lives easier through your love of fairness and truth.

June 1st - 5th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Ideas and he influences Science and the Arts. You have a clever and versatile mind and this enables you to find new ways to combat old problems. You enjoy working on useful ideas and coming up with new routines to make daily life easier. You have a talent for unearthing exciting new possibilities. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will relieve other peoples' pain and suffering through being able to home in on problems and work out suitable solutions.

June 6th - 10th : Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Conviction and he influences concord and harmony. You have strong beliefs and principles and you will be willing to fight for what you believe in. At the same time, your Angel will encourage you to find a peaceful compromise. You are independent and original and you gain the respect of powerful people because of your courage and loyalty. You are a natural diplomat and with the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will inspire others to take the most peaceful route in controversial situations.

June 11th - 15th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Invention and he influences Musicians and Poets. You have an active and original mind with possible artistic or musical talent. You will strive to make something of your life through capitalising on your own abilities. You aren't slow to spot good opportunities and will be quick to adapt to change. Your Angel protects against sadness. And with the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will bring happiness and joy into other peoples' lives, through your positive spirit and creative gifts.

June 16th - 20th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Equality. He favours truth and honesty. You have a love of peace and harmony and you will do all in your power to keep your surroundings and relationships tranquil and serene. You have a strong sense of fairness and honesty and you will do well in areas that encourage people to respect law and order. You are respected in your community because people know they can depend on you. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you bring peace where there is discord and tranquillity where there is chaos.   

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