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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd
Oct 23rd - 27th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Supremacy. You have a powerful and determined personality. You are a good leader and people respect you because you are fair and honest. You are a go-getter and you have intense physical, emotional and spiritual energy to pour into your aims. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will boldly strive for the high aspirations you set for yourself in life. You will achieve a position of leadership and authority.

Oct 28th - Nov 2nd: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Glory. He dominates victory and influences courage in battle. You have a sturdy constitution and determined personality. There is a strong desire to achieve your goals and you rarely settle for second best. You believe in yourself and you believe in your ability to achieve your objectives. You enjoy challenge and even a degree of danger. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will accomplish many great things in your life.

Nov 3rd - 7th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Academy. He helps fight against evil and influences education. You are determined in nature with a strong willpower and incredible self-control. You are a bit of a risk-taker but you can generally weigh up when it's good to take a risk and when it's best to hesitate. You are observant and intelligent and you enjoy using your mind. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will attain many useful qualifications. You will also help those around you to have the courage to conquer hardship and hard times.

Nov 8th - 11th: Your Guardian Angel, Ariel, is the Angel of Detachment. He controls demons and is ruler of the winds. He also helps rediscover hidden treasures. You are broad-minded and liberal in all your dealings and thoughtful in all that you do. You have a tough temperament and independent nature. At the same time, you are thoughtful and considerate in friendship and fun-loving in romance. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will find fulfilment through delving into the mysteries of life, nature and the Universe.

Nov 12th - 16th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Intuition and he helps those who wish to raise themselves spiritually. He influences contemplation and reflection. You have an intuitive and independent nature. You rely on yourself and often prefer peace and privacy to crowded places. You are intelligent, enjoying adventure and investigation. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will achieve realization through dreams, meditation and contemplation.

Nov 17th - 21st: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Sensuality and he helps preserve harmony and union between spouses. He influences love and affection. You have a passionate and sensual nature with a pleasant temperament. You are flexible and easygoing in your relationships but you take romance very seriously. In love you are loyal, intense and devoted. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, and by maintaining a calm purpose, you will gain much happiness through your closest relationships.


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