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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
April 21st - 25th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Serenity and he helps keep you patient and calm. Your Angel encourages a feeling of oneness with Nature and a desire to understand the laws and principles of the Universe. You will painstakingly work at difficult tasks that other folk would walk away from and you are meticulous in your methods. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will realize many of your goals through persistence and perseverance.

April 26th - 30th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Harvest and he helps bring improved circumstances through hard work and determination. You gain from the fruits of your labours and the more effort you put into your work, the more impressive the results will be. You are practical and down-to-earth and you will love nature and the simple things in life. You are good with your hands and with the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will gain pleasure and profit through your creative abilities.

May 1st - 5th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Sincerity and he helps you to keep your promises. You are loyal in your relationships and you are a trustworthy and constant friend. You believe in truth and honesty and would never let anyone down, intentionally. You will attract many influential people into your life and their friendship will be advantageous. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will achieve great success through your honesty and sincerity and through the support of powerful people.

May 6th - 11th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Method and he helps keep you practical and organised. You have a healthy constitution and a strong sense of duty towards others. You need to feel you're doing something useful and this inspires you to work hard on behalf of Charitable and worthwhile causes. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will do well in groups and organisations through your ability to keep people realistic and organised.

May 12th - 15th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Respect and he inspires consideration for other people. You have a healthy appreciation for family and tradition and you value habit and security. Your nature is practical, solid and dependable and you value your closest relationships. You are a loyal lover and true love will inspire the passionate and sensual side of your nature. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will lay down solid roots that take you into a secure future.

May 16th - 20th : Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Refinement and he will protect you against adversity. Your Angel dominates dreams and influences wise and spiritual people. You have a kind and gentle nature and your innate charm makes you popular. You know how to achieve your own ends through patience, persistence and discretion. There is a good balance between gentleness and firmness which helps you succeed in your aims. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will achieve many of your dreams.   

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