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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
Home loving Cancerians like luxury and comfort in their homes which is just as well as they like spending a lot of time in them. They'll buy the best possible, expensive items for their homes. A water sign, Cancerians choose pale water colour homes - palest pinks, silver, white and all the fabrics and textures which show off these colours best. A Cancerian bathroom is likely to be white or one of the very palest pastel shades that are rapidly becoming popular. Opal pink carpet in the bathroom with white brodderie anglais curtains and trimmed towels. Sliding cupboard doors with pristine white underwear stacked neatly within may be incorporated into the bathroom which will be a restful, pleasing place to while away a few momenta. For there will be a comfortable chair, perhaps even a chaise lounge with books and magazines to amuse. You can really go to town on luxury and comfort in a bathroom. Sparkling, clean white bathroom suites with the best quality chromium fittings are an excellent start to your scheme. Now add thick snowy white towels, silver balls in a glass jar, lashings of bath salts, powders and perhaps some old lace trimmings or memorabilia from the past, an antique mirror. As a Cancer you have an eye for the stylish and the best so enjoy it.


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