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AQUARIUS - January 21st - February 19th
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about the Aquarian's health:

Of all the signs, Aquarius is the most unpredictable. Whatever other folk come to expect of them, the Aquarian will probably do the opposite. They're always the ones who have to be different so when illness strikes, it's usually sudden and unexpected. Aquarians can suffer from difficult to understand illnesses such as ME or accidents involving electric appliances or other dangerous equipment. Their most vulnerable areas are the lower limbs, calves and shins. Although they're quite lively, exercise is not one of their priorities. If anything, they'll go for yoga or walking. Aquarians have slim yet strong bodies and they aren't model patients as they get very irritable and annoyed with themselves when ill.

Aquarians are absent-minded nibblers. They'll hardly know they're doing it as they're concentrating on other things. Junk food will make them put on weight but in the main, obesity is not a common Aquarian problem. They have a variety of interests that keep them occupied and active and they're seldom under the weather for long.

Aquarians won't make it a rule to stick to conventional methods of healing and there'll be an interest in alternative medicines, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and the like. They will use every excuse in the book not to formally diet, as they don't like to conform to rigid routines. Similarly, they will have their own non-conformist approach to keeping fit.

Normally they enjoy teamwork but they are reluctant to commit themselves to anything too binding. Solo activities such as running, cycling and hiking may be more suitable for them. The ankles are the weakest part of the body and they may need support when exercising. Often, those born under the eleventh sign will push themselves too hard and this doesn't do the nerves any good. They should get plenty of rest and keep surroundings as peaceful as possible.

Aquarians love their freedom and when they're on holiday, they can forget all their worries and cares and simply throw themselves into having a good time. Often they will travel when the whim takes them and they don't always know where they're going until they get there. It's unlikely they'll choose the same venue twice as this would be too predictable for someone born under the sign of the Water Bearer. Aquarians love strange new places and they love to fly.

Let's take a look now, at the Aquarian's diet and because they don't exercise a lot, Aquarians should watch their calorie intake. The last thing they can be accused of is greed but it can be surprising how much they manage to nibble their way through in a day. Aquarians enjoy parties, charity meals and eating out with friends. They have strange tastes, liking something one day but finding it not so tasty another time. They should aim to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vitamin D. When others may be obsessed with their bodies, Aquarians tend to accept themselves for what they are and they'll simply refuse to conform to rigid diet programs.

Like people of their nearby sign, Capricorn, Aquarians should avoid junk foods. But unlike the Capricorn, they should curb that nibbling-between-meals tendency! If Aquarians MUST snack, then they should be sure that they stick to the low-calorie foods and drinks. Aquarians often tend to be deficient in natural body salt, so a supplementary dose of kelp tablets is recommended. This is especially good for giving sheen to the hair. Oil of evening primrose will help them to unwind at the end of the day. They should also try to eat plenty of food that is iodine-based such as seafood and onions.   

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