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ARIES - March 21st - April 20th
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about an Arien's health: and ruled by the planet Mars, the Arien seems to have a never-ending store of energy. Since they're always on the go, weight gain is rarely a problem. Their active lifestyle and healthy metabolism helps burn any extra calories.

Like all Fire signs, Ariens are sportsminded. They rarely have to consider the need for extra exercise because they already do enough to keep themselves trim. Ariens tend to be big-boned but there's little surplus fat. Illness doesn't often strike and when it does, recovery is generally quick.

Ariens are prone to headaches and eyestrain while overwork can lead to exhaustion and irritability. They must learn to recognise their limits and admit to the need for relaxation if only for the sake of their health. Aries is a naturally competitive sigh and sports such as the martial arts, fencing, boxing and running may appeal. No matter what their age, most Ariens are no stranger to bumps and bruises.

Ariens, therefore, thrive on activity but their impetuosity inclines them to overdo things and neglect their health. When they are ill, it's often due to the effects of careless accidents or injuries. Since routine is not a word in the Arien's dictionary, irregular meals, excitement and an unbalanced diet may eventually tell on their well-being.

They should try to slow down and at least enjoy peaceful, unhurried mealtimes. - I'll tell you more about their diet, later. Now despite their inability to sit still for long, their vigorous lifestyle should include some time for rest and relaxation otherwise as I've said, overdoing things can lead to headaches and high blood pressure.

Ariens can't abide routine. There are some folk who confess to not having had a holiday for years but few Ariens will be among them. It doesn't always matter where you go - just getting away from your usual surroundings is often all it takes to please you.

Ariens love to travel and will jump at any opportunity to exercise your itchy feet. All Fire signs love the sun, however Rams wouldn't feel content to just laze in the sunshine all day long. There's an innate need to try new places and seek new horizons. Wherever they go, they will want to explore every nook and cranny. - Nonetheless, travel is a good way for Ariens to find relaxation.

Haste and carelessness can lead the Arien into many a scrape but on the plus side, Mars can also be thanked for their excellent co-ordination and sexual stamina. Because they're so active, weight-gain is rarely a problem. Ariens soon burn up any extra calories. health-conscious Rams should have no trouble keeping in trim through balancing regular exercise with a sensible diet.

Let's take a look now, at the Arien's diet. And, Ariens don't go in for dishes that take a lot of preparation. They aren't the most patient of souls and as with most things, the quicker they see results, the better. They should however watch their intake of junk foods. They have a healthy appetite but should aim to cut down on fats and include plenty of iron and protein in their diet. It may pay for an Arien to be organised about his eating habits, taking regular healthy meals rather than grabbing a quick snack when their tummy starts rumbling. Food is fuel and cutting down is not a good idea for such an active individual. Exercise is a better plan. - A steady jog will burn around 8 calories per minute.

The active lifestyle of the Arien demands plenty potassium which is found in fruit such as lemon and grapefruit, tomatoes and apples. It is also essential that they keep their energy level stable and Vitamin B helps here. The best way to do this is by adding wheatgerm or brewers' yeast to their everyday foods. Ariens should also try to keep meals calm and unhurried, especially breakfast which will set them up for the rest of the day.

Also, it's a good idea to have in-between snacks to keep their energy levels up and to help them keep on top of things.   

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