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GEMINI - May 22nd - June 21st
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about a Gemini's health: Geminis are always racing around doing this and that, hardly ever pausing for a rest. It's not unusual for them to be coping with two - even three - jobs at once and they thrive on this restless kind of lifestyle. They have small appetites and since they never sit still for very long, they don't normally put on extra weight.

Exercise is enjoyed because it feels good rather than for the fact that it's doing them good. Many Geminis will enjoy a good game of tennis, badminton or squash. Physical ailments usually effect their lungs and arms. Geminis are also prone to catching colds. They live on their nerves and must sensibly consider the relaxing value of taking time off every once in a while.

I have to say that Geminis rarely have weight problems as they are generally slender and youthful in appearance. Their restless nature keeps them active and this in turn keeps them slim. The Gemini with nothing to do will nibble, so, when dieting, it is important for them to keep occupied. Otherwise it's habit more than anything that will make them reach for another bar of chocolate.

Geminis have a lot of nervous energy to burn. Their health is usually good but sometimes they push themselves to the limit and nervous exhaustion is a real danger.

They are prone to bronchitis, chest colds and emotional problems, mainly due to their own impatience. Since the lungs are their most sensitive area, smoking should be avoided at all costs. Although Geminis are constantly active, they'd rather exercise their mind than their body. Good ways to keep in trim would be cycling, jogging or tennis. Geminis who are on a diet need to have plenty of interests, otherwise their mind will invariably turn to food!

Let's talk about diet now and Geminis prefer to nibble and can't really handle hearty, stodgy meals. They rarely give a moment's thought to what their next meal might be and they often go for hours without food. Cigarettes and constant cups of strong coffee aren't particularly healthy and won't do their sensitive nerves any good. Geminis like to see variety and colour at mealtimes so buffets are ideal. If they do snack, they should go for fruit, yoghurts, cheese and bread, avoiding sugary titbits. The proteins in fish, eggs and milk products will help boost their energy levels while vitamin C might also be a good idea whenever they feel a cold coming on.

Geminis should include fish, green vegetables and fruit in their diet. As a 'Heavenly Twin' one thing they can't stand is monotony. There is plenty of scope in their life for variety - ethnic food one day, traditional English fare the next. But their restless spirit does sometimes mean that they skip meals altogether. Mainly because they can't make up their minds what they feel like eating.

Geminis MUST eat regularly during a busy working day and eat well, to avoid becoming anaemic. They should choose food that are rich in iron such as liver or spinach. Also, they need plenty of calcium for instance in milk, yogurt and cheese. They should also try sipping some camomile tea last thing at night to help them get that essential good night's sleep.

Another way Geminis can find relaxation is through travel. Geminis must have a holiday to aim for. As soon as they return from one, they'll be booking the next. So no doubt they already know where they are going next and when. Often the anticipation is as exciting as the journey itself. Geminis like variety so it's unlikely they'll stick to the same places every year. The only way to see the world is by moving around and often their holidays will include the chance to visit a number of areas on the one journey. - It's certainly a good way to unwind and forget everyday problems and responsibilities for a while.

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