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PISCES - February 20th - March 20th
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about a Piscean's health:

Sensitive Pisceans are ruled by their emotions. They devote their lives to others, making many sacrifices on other people's behalf and many are found in the nursing profession. Rather like sponges, Pisceans soak in the thoughts and feelings of those around them and this can and will effect their health. Either their own bodies will reflect someone else's symptoms or they'll feel tense and edgy when sensing anger, resentment or alienation.

Pisceans tend to be round bodied and even when not over-weight, they have a soft, rather than angular appearance. Their most vulnerable area is the feet and ankles. Once a Piscean gets something into their mind, they can get very obsessive but if they're self-conscious about their weight they should diet only on their doctor's orders.

Pisceans love water and quiet country places. They also like being entertained and combining this with a love of fantasy, travel to fairytale places with lots of castles and woods is always good for their health.

Anyway, getting back to health and it's 'anything for an easy life' for the Piscean. They don't usually go in for heavy forms of exercise. In their off-duty hours, they will normally give their artistic and creative talents more attention than their poor, neglected body. But, if encouraged to join friends in group sports, they'll soon enter the spirit of the occasion!

Exercising is particularly important for those born under the twelfth sign as Pisceans tend to put on the pounds very easily. Dancing is a good idea for it incorporates their natural love of music with body movement, while they will also enjoy swimming and water sports.

Emotions rule the Piscean's nature and when they're down, nervous tension seems naturally to follow. Their alcohol intake should be strictly limited if they are low in spirits, for it will honestly do nothing to lift them.

The Piscean's weakest area is the foot. They do love to walk barefoot but may often find themselves complaining of foot trouble. Correctly fitting shoes are a must for Pisceans from an early age.

They have a habit of picking up any cold,. 'flu or 24-hour bug that happens to be going around and it seems to take a while before they feel fighting fit again It's important for Pisceans to include some seafood, fresh vegetables and carbohydrates in their daily diet.,

Let's take a more in-depth look at the Piscean's diet now and they have sensitive tastes but their appetites are generally good. They'll go for salad and vegetable dishes rather than meat followed by light, wispy desserts. Pisceans enjoy cooking but they're more likely to make recipes up as they go along. They can be very creative in the kitchen. Along with the other Water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, they should drink plenty of water and reduce their salt intake. Pisceans are all to easily taken in by miracle diets but they must try to be sensible and stick to the more practical methods of losing weight.

Because of their tendency to pick up those colds and 'flu at a moment's notice, it is very important that Pisceans ensure they get plenty of vitamin C. The richest sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, berries, leafy vegetables and potations. Although not too many of these if trying to lose weight! Pisceans are also often deficient in iron and this can be found in foods such as liver, kidneys, red meat, egg yolks and spinach.<   

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