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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about Sagittarian's health: Well actually, good health and strong constitutions mean that Sagittarians are seldom ill. Those born under the sign of the Archer hate to be restricted and find small spaces suffocating. Their love of the wide open space of the great outdoors makes horse-riding, driving and travelling firm Sagittarian favourites.

This all goes to make for a strapping, athletic body. But a love of sport, like everything else, does have its risks and the Sagittarian's most vulnerable ares are the hips and thighs. Their passion for living extends to eating and drinking as well. Over-indulgence will eventually tell on their physique but as long as they're active and sensible about their eating habits, most Sagittarians will stay hale and hearty.

Sagittarians are naturally active and athletic and, although they like to eat a lot, their energetic lifestyle helps to keep them in trim. They love to be out in the open air, walking, hiking, playing football, sailing and even motor racing. Indoor sports just aren't as appealing to them as they tend to find them tiresome.

Sagittarians need to feel free and unrestricted and only the great outdoors can give them that. Jupiter rules over their sign and their natural optimism and cheerfulness has a positive effect on their health.

Sometimes they can be accident-prone and it's advisable to look before they leap. This helps them avoid strained muscles, broken bones and other similar injuries. They really should try to curb their love of speed when driving on roads. Indeed, younger Archers especially, should play it safe and stick to suitable tracks and courses to satisfy their need to race around feeling the wind in their hair.

They can sometimes get carried away in their enthusiasm and as a result, Sagittarian's sometimes don't recognise the early warning symptoms of illness. Their most sensitive area is the hips, and Sagittarians are prone to suffer from sciatica, rheumatism and arthritis. One major thing in their favour is their amazing ability to bounce back quickly after any injury or illness.

Travel, for many signs, is a means of relaxation. But for many Sagittarians travel is a way of life. It could be that their job provides the opportunity of regular trips away, or they'll just organise their life so they never go too long without a change of scene. They're fascinated by the world and all that's in it and they want to explore and discover long forgotten parts.

Holidays are actually important to Sagittarians because they give them the chance to exercise their adventuresome spirit. They don't just holiday for the sake of it. - They travel because there's something in them which desperately needs to see the world.

Let's take a look now, at the diet of those born under the ninth sign. And when Sagittarians sit down to a meal, they expect generous portions and good wholesome food. Dainty dishes and careful presentation is lost on them as all they're interested in is filling their hungry stomachs. As with all fire signs, Saittarians enjoy a good helping of meat - venison being a particular favourite. Routine is not one of their favourite words so regular mealtimes are out. Due to their busy lifestyles, they'll either grab a quick bite or enjoy a good feast. Moderation is a policy all Sagittarians should aim for.

With their love of sport, it is essential to keep their bones strong and healthy by increasing their calcium and vitamin D intake. Brittle bones will break easily, causing all sorts of medical complications. Those born under the sign of the aRcher should eat plenty of cheese and dairy products especially yogurt. They will also find vitamin D in dairy products and fish, especially tuna, sardines and salmon. Carbohydrates will help give them the energy they need to keep up the fast pace they love so much!   

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