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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. Let me tell you now what the astro-guide says about the Scorpio's health: Scorpios have a broad and solid frame but most of their weight will be muscle and not fat. They don't mind exercise as they take a healthy attitude towards both mind and body but they'll prefer swimming and water sports to team games.

Scorpios never do anything by halves and when in the mood, they know how it feels to eat, drink and be merry. - If they must drink, they should try to do so in moderation and leave the car keys at home. - Scorpios have strong sexual appetites and repressing their basic urges could lead to them becoming tense and tetchy. Common Scorpio ailments are lower back pains, piles, prostate and menstrual problems. They don't like to admit that they're ill as they always expect so much from themselves and they usually get well very quickly.

Now if a Scorpio decides to lose X number of pounds, they WILL lose them. Absolutely nothing will stand in their way once they make up their mind to diet. - Or do anything else for that matter! - But that doesn't mean all Scorpios are likely to be enviously slim. They eat well and they drink well too. So by middle-age, they may suddenly realise the need to change the nutritional habits of a lifetime.

A complete overhaul could then be on the cards. Because Scorpios are active, it would be foolish to go on a crash diet. They need plenty of fruit and vitamin C, vegetables, cheese and honey. Generally, they have good health and are lucky enough to benefit from remarkable healing powers.

Scorpio rules the sexual organs and a satisfying sex life does a lot to keep them looking fit, youthful, happy and healthy. Other forms of exercise which may not be as much fun but will at least use up some energy are jogging, swimming and water sports. Moderation in everything is important. They have a tendency to addiction, so it's vital that they avoid anything that could get them hooked.

When it comes to the Scorpio's diet, they really do appreciate good food and drink. At the same time, they will accept the need to do without if health or weight problems demand this of them. Whatever the Scorpio sets out to do, they'll achieve it. So once they find a diet which suits their lifestyle, there's no question that they won't stick to it. The idea of food as an aphrodisiac appeals. They also enjoy seafood, gourmet dishes rich foods and fine wine. Some Scorpios might find it a good idea to consider ways of reducing the amount of toxins in their body.

Whatever they do, Scorpios do it with verve and gusto. Sometimes they tend to OVERDO things (whether this be eating, drinking or making love). And then, comes the big depression. If they let things get that far, it may take some effort for them to pick themselves back up, dust themselves off and get up and running again.

Scorpios should step up their Vitamin E intake. This is known as the 'love' vitamin! They will find it in wheatgerm, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, whole-grain cereals and eggs. They should also be sure to get enough potassium too, through eating lots of fresh citrus fruit and drinking juice.

One way of finding relaxation is through travel. Scorpios rarely rush into anything and they will give careful thought to the kind of places they want to see and people they hope to meet. They're interested in foreign countries and their cultures and wherever they go, they will want to explore deeper and further. - Organised sight-seeing tours aren't for the scorpio, as they prefer greater freedom to dig beneath the surface. Holidays aren't therefore just resting periods. They provide the ideal opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience and they will always choose their destination with this in mind. Nonetheless, it has to be said that a change of scene is often beneficial to a person's health.   

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